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PostPosted: 12 May 2016, 08:50 

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Hi All,

This is the ultimate tool for perfect geometrical correction with multi monitor setups:
Fly Elise-ng LCD Designer!!!!!

http://fly.elise-ng.net/index.php/news/ ... laypro10r1
http://fly.elise-ng.net/images/Document ... pGuide.pdf

From the web site:
For those who use multiple LCD displays in their simulation setups and for those who really do care about correct geometrical views......
There are thousand of posts and questions on internet:
"How to correct and fish the 'fisheye' effect in my game when I use multiple monitors and wide angle of view?"

Well, the answer is simple: For 100% correct geometry that matches the position and the orientation of the LCD displays a separate view needs to be generated per LCD. This is it !!! There is no other way to properly correct the 'fisheye' effect caused by the mathematics of the perspective projection used by computer graphics.

Fly Elise-ng introduces LCD Panel Designer. Just create your LCD panels setup and the software will produce the needed view information and the needed geometric correction for perfect geometrical views with no distortion even when using field of views larger than 180 deg or even true 360 degrees.
Load the views info in your simulator (FSX, P3D, X-Plane , Unity, DCS or any other software that supports multi-view) and load the exported geometrical correction in Immersive Display PRO. That's all.

This is a short list of available features:
- Define the dimensions of the LCD panels (the image area)
- Define the bezel sizes per LCD
- Define the LCD panels positions and orientation
- Automatically calculate view (frustum) info per LCD
- Automatically calculate geometric correction
- Automatically compensate for LCD panel bezels
- View(frustum) export for all all popular simulators and game engines
- Export for Immersive Display PRO



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