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 Post subject: PS3 and triplehead2go...
PostPosted: 19 Apr 2012, 22:52 

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I looked through the various threads and couldn't find any that dealt with my issue. I have 3 short throw projectors throwing up 20some feet screens each. I desperately want to show a Bluray on my PS3 or play MW3 and PS3 games on the three screens. It really does not matter to me if it only uses 75% of the screens because that would still be bigger than any screen in the small mountain town i live in. We have licensing to show movies legally we just need the capabilities. Is there anyway Triplehead2go supports PS3. I am willing to be thinking out of the box.

I have already tried--
HDMI to Displayport
HDMI to DVI to a Kramer video switcher which then i sent to displayport to the triplehead.

I am willing to look at running my PS3 through my mac through the TH2G if it is necessary. I am pretty desperate to get this to work!


 Post subject: the only way I see this
PostPosted: 20 Apr 2012, 04:32 
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the only way I see this working is using a capture card in a computer and sending it over that way. When I used a th2go with an xbox 360 it only showed on one screen.

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PostPosted: 20 Apr 2012, 07:55 

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I wouldn't expect to have much success with the PS3, they don't like playing nice with funny resolutions (I couldn't even get mine to run on a 16:10 monitor).
Just one thought though: I'm not sure what the aspect ratio would work out to be, but maybe try it with just 2 projectors connected? The triple head should kick into "dualhead" mode in theory. Also, for reference, what resolution can the projectors kick out?

Alternately, PC blu-ray drives are what? $50-100?
Either add that to an existing desktop PC or build/buy a little media PC. That way you can at least play movies on it.

PostPosted: 30 Aug 2012, 17:08 

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Regarding ps3, you could play Grand Tourismo 5 on the 3 projectors you have.
But... (always is...)
You need 3 ps3 and one copy of the game.

There is a mode to play GT5 on 3 screens, with 2 consoles being slaves to the main one.
Look into it, it could be a nice demo, but it's probably your only solution too...
As you know TH2Go is connected to your computer via USB too, so you need a driver on the ps3 to do that... (impossible to do then)

PostPosted: 05 Jan 2013, 14:44 

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I never let anyone tell me I can't do anything. It may not be a triple head2go solution but it's a solution for a play station 3...

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Video wall solution! Done

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