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 Post subject: Projection FOV
PostPosted: 06 Nov 2011, 16:46 

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I've been running my desktop PC w/ Matrox TH2go and 3- 19" LCD's since Matrox1st came out @ 3840 x 1024. I have a Nvidia GTX 580 video card and I7 970 CPU. I also use a TrackIR. I primarily use it w/ Microsoft FSX and other flight sims. But I look for any game software title that supports the multi-monitor expanded FOV. If it doesn't support expanded FOV either natively or through the fixes I find in these forums I don't purchase them.

I've been pleased by the immersion my little 3 screen setup has given me. But since seeing what's possible with projectors I'm going to step it up to the next level. I'm looking at getting the Optoma GT-720 and building a curved screen.

My question centers around the FOV setup. One thing that is important to me is the added Field of View my 3-monitor TH2Go gives me. For example If I ran Rise of flight without TH2Go on a 72" LCD it would just be a larger picture of what I would get running on a single19" monitor. That isn't what I want.

Can someone explain how I would run Rise of flight with just one projector. What would the in game video setting be? Would I get the same FOV. Situational awareness and the added FOV is what I like in all my multi-monitor gaming. Can you get that with one projector?

Same question for a 2 projector setup what would the in game settings be and would I get the same FOV. What additional software hardware would I need?

Then for a 3 projector setup would I use my TH2Go and select 3840 x 1024?
I've been looking at the Optoma GT720 1080P for the projector. But will I need three of them running through the triple head to go to get the same FOV?

I have some funds set aside for this project but IF I can get by with one, or two projectors instead of three I save money.
But to be able to run 1 or tow projectors I would also need an ATI card running eyefinity as well as waarpilizer software?

With what I have now for hardware and software what would you guys recommend to keep or even expand the FOV I get now but to make it that much larger imersion with projection and a curved screen? Do I need a ATI eyefinity setup? DO I need warpilizer software?



PostPosted: 07 Nov 2011, 06:00 
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few things you'll find with a triple wide projection set up,

you'll need lots of space to accommodate throw distances, or get projectors with wide angle lenses, as you may have already figured out based on your Optima GT720 recommendation, If you do opt for wide angle projectors, you'll not be able to get 1080 unless you spend allot of money! Most of the ultra short throw fixed projectors are only XGA (1024x768) in that case you'd set your TH2go resolution to 3072x768
also you'll need to think about software to edge blend the projectors, unless again you spend allot and get projectors with edge blending built in. Warpalizer does do a good job, and would be suited to your requirements. Also take into consideration that ultra short throw projectors like to be on axis, meaning that the center of the projector needs to be about center of the screen, so no ceiling mounting. Last thing, keep in mind when shopping for a projector that the native resolution is what the projector actually displays at. That optima you have cited in your original post is only 1280x800, not 1080p. I know it says it can take in a 1080 signal, but that doesn't mean it displays a 1080, signal...


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