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PostPosted: 09 Apr 2013, 18:38 

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deti777 wrote:
Thanks for your reply! Here's some more details:

I already have 3 projectors from another project that I would like to use for this. So I would only need 2 more. That opens up more of the budget for other hardware/software. The projectors I have right now were about $3k each, so they are decent projectors for what they do. They are 1080p and support a whole slew of signals/connections. So I would like to continue with these and not get all new ones unless I have to.

As far as the space... right now, the stage is 25-30 feet wide and I have 12 feet of headroom before hitting stuff. Lighting could be the biggest issue. But the rig can be adjusted as needed to make this work. During scenes when I have to use my front wash, I just accept that the lower part of the screen will get blown out. That isn't when I really need the wall though. This wall will really be used when I'm lighting the stage with out-focused movers with colors and LEDs.

When you say "playback hardware", what exactly do you mean? I still don't quite understand how this works. Is there some sort of hardware unit that will trick the software into thinking it is some kind of screen with a weird resolution when actually it is just taking that signal and distributing it out to make one large screen? I guess that is where I'm most confused.

You say you're confused? I am *completely* clueless.
Thanks for the reply to what? This is your first post!
Are you responding to someone's PM or something?
The other context of the multiple screens and large area of your post make it almost sound like you are try to describe a similar large setup, and then try to ask questions, but you're not really making sense.
Most of us are happy to help and answer any questions, but your post sounds like a piece of a conversation that we are not privy to the rest of.


PostPosted: 01 Jun 2013, 06:43 

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Please help me to know about some things regarding video walls as I am doing project in it. Thanks!
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