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 Post subject: Out Of alignment
PostPosted: 04 Dec 2016, 15:04 
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How you all been, I have not been in the forums in a while & AMD is closed so I thought I would ask for help from my WSGF friends.
I recently upgraded to the Sabretooth 990 FX 2.0 & & an FX 8350. I now I just replaced my 2 MSI 7950 HD TF OC cards with the new MSI RX 480 4G gaming TF VI. I have been using Eyefinity since the 5000 series & have had no problem with the set up before but now I am.
I am using W/10 OS & I thought the new cards were plug & play now. I also have another reason for having 2 cards as I have a 21" Cintiq that needs its own card & I have a VS TS SA Tablet with JBOS that I can also use as a mon. so I can use the TS with my PC. I have the Primary card hooked to the 3 27" mon & they have VGA, DVI, & HDMI connections & they are also VS HD Gaming Mon about 3 yrs old. Now to the problems now that I have given enough techy nerdy stuff.

I have the 3 27" hooked up on the primary card by way of DVI & HDMI. I have the Cintiq & TS hooked up to the second card via DVI for the Cintiq & HDMI for the TS. When I was out of C/F I could see all 5 mon.'s but when I went to properties I could not drag them to a position I wanted them in & when I went in & out of CF I went back to prop. & the Cin. & TS was on top of the 3 27", they moved there al by their selves.
The main problem is the 3 27" in C/F set at 5760 X 1080 one of the HDMI connected mon. is out of alignment or aspect ratio. I have tried all the different connections & adjustments & can not fix it. I am thinking I have to have 2 mon.'s hooked up with DVI but did not want to waste money on a HDMI to DVI if I didn't need it. I was also thinking of using the D/P connections but again I did not want to spend money or fight the crowd at BB if I could avoid it. I found no info online at AMD, their videos are out of date & only address the 7000 series setup for Eyefinity.
Do you still need passive or adaptive adapters to achieve this or what, my 7950's used the mini ports so I have those but they do not work unless I can find a m/p to HDMI adapter if they even make them. I am using ULTRA HDMI con.'s for the mon.
Last question is it better to use the D/P connections instead of the HDMI?

I plan on a couple more upgrades with this PC next year. I plan on getting the Sabretooth 990 FX 3.0 to match the new card speeds, a new P/S, & still looking at Ram whether to go R/J or Corsair jumping up to 32G.
With the spare parts I have already & the ones I replace in this PC I plan on building another PC using the 7950"s for the downstairs or the TV. all I really need is another ATX case, here is a link to the RX 480's I picked up. I am really impress with these, BF1 is awesome, I get no refractions in the puddles I got with my other cards. no lag, just fast paced gaming & my other games like 7DTD also have improved remarkably. I am very impressed with the quality & military grade of these cards.
I also have a 7DTD server if anyone plays the game & wants to join me it is in the modded server list for the game,
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Here is a video I made to show my other clan members at Polite & Friendly my studio set up. I can do it all here from drawing, logo design etc., stop frame animation, record live music. I have the Adobe M/S & some Corel so I can do it all in my living room or as I call it Pig's Corner.



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