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PostPosted: 23 Mar 2016, 12:17 

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Hi everyone,

I just recently changed my home monitor arrangement so that I now have access to three monitors on my desktop. Now, since I own an r290, I thought I'd give eyefinity a shot.

It generally works and I read in advance that eyefinity supports "monitors of diffrent size and resolution". Yet, regarding the different size, I don't understand where the word "supports" originates from.

If I have a monitor that is in different size, I need to define a baseline and a stretch (that compensates for the size). Yet, where is the stretch function?

My center screen is a 27" full HD 144hz freeync monitor, connected via displayport.
Left side is a full HD benq 60hz, connected via HDMI
Right side is a 2560x1080 asus super wide screen, connected via dual channel DVI.
They all have 1080p height but they are of course different in SIZE (height!).

Is there any way to compensate for the different height so that, relative to my baseline (which is the bottom), I can set it up so the top is cut off on the smaller screens to achieve having a seamless image across all the screens?

I thought about changing the resolutions of each monitor to custom resolutions so that the internal arrangement settings of eyefinity may be tricked but I didn't try if that could work yet.

See my attached image to understand my setup and hopefully the problem

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PostPosted: 23 Mar 2016, 19:23 

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Hi jacquesr,
1. For game-image to line up across screens, pixels must be same size (or close). But if you have a set of monitors that line up poorly this way, there are ways to fix it:
- Reducing side-screen resolutions (as you say) to line-up with center.
- Physically shifting monitors forward/backward a bit so they are PERCEIVED to line up (a monitor's distance from the eye strongly impacts its perceived pixel size).

2. You would set CCC to Fill I think... so your center's not letterboxed & sides are filled. I have not been in CCC for awhile, someone else can answer better.

3. Strongly recommend you use MonitorMixer program to help you line up your mixed-LLL monitors. It will tell you if there is any way your screens will line up pixels for games, & also what you need to do to achieve it. You would be using the Compare function for Mixed-LLL, & you'll need to seriously increase the "Short-By Max" setting to allow your short sides through. First compare left-screen against center-screen, then right-screen against center-screen.

If you have questions, would be easiest if we knew your exact viewable sizes (diagonal).

PostPosted: 25 Mar 2016, 09:07 

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thank you for your reply. Physically changing the monitors position "just for gaming" isn't what I want to do. I just added custom resolutions to my side monitors by measuring their height and dividing each with the height of the bigger center. I then used the custom resolution utility to add stretched resolutions.

The problem is that when I setup eyefinity, it automatically changes the resolution of the side monitors back to the native resolution. Is there a way (apart from really diving into the driver and faking the native resolution) to change the resolution of a display and force eyefinity to use it?

PostPosted: 25 Mar 2016, 10:48 

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Hi again,

meanwhile I managed to get this to work. I had to change the order of the resolutions inside CRU so that the custom resolutions are at the top. That was enough to make the resolution appear as the "recommended" (native) one.

Then, I had several tries getting the eyefinity group to work. Yet, it never actually worked when I expected it to do so. The side monitors were inactive after setting the eyefinity group and I could only get them back to work using the recovery mode of CRU.

But the, suddenly, without me knowing why, it worked... I cannot remember what I did differently but now I can have native resolutions when the eyefinity group is off and the stretched resolutions are stored for the eyefinity group...

I seriously have no idea why it works now, sorry. But it does. Won't ever touch it again :)

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