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PostPosted: 19 Nov 2014, 20:21 

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Hi All,

First time poster here but loving the forum, Hopefully you guys can help me with my issue

I have a Club3d MST Hub CSV-5400 ( 1 Displayport in and 4 out) this is hooked to my Asus R9 280x Graphics Card and is connected to my monitors via passive DVI adaptors.

Now the problem is that this hub comes with a hardwired DP cable that is very short, This is causing me grief because it is very untidy looking as it means I need to dangle the hub down the back of my PC which is far from ideal so I really want an DP extension cable, this is where the problems start as I have had 2 so far and no success with either.

Ext Cable 1: When plugged in all the screens cycle on and off in an infinite loop for about 5 seconds each,
Ext Cable 2: Nothing at all when plugged in all screens stay black, However when I take the extension cable and plug it directly into one of the screens it works with no issues at all

So I ideally need some suggestions on how to get a working extension cable that I can use to extend the length of the cable between my Graphics card and the hub

I have tried scanning the monitors, power off reboots etc to no avail.

The hub works flawlessly with no extension cable but doesnt work with one in.

I have this Hub:

http://club-3d.com/index.php/products/r ... .1655.html


PostPosted: 20 Nov 2014, 19:26 
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I have the same gripe with the unit, and mentioned it in my review of their original 3x1 model. I was never able to get an extension cable to work. It gave flickering horizontal lines to the screen. Same thing happened when I used the extension without the MST Hub on my 21:9. There aren't many extensions out there, and there may not be any of good quality.

PostPosted: 21 Nov 2014, 13:12 

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Did you ever get anywhere with this int he end?

Surely someone must make a cable that does the job?

Ive contacted Club3d but no response yet

PostPosted: 08 Dec 2014, 10:33 

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Sorry to hear that extending the MST hub isn't working...

But i was glad to find this post as it might answer a question of mine...

In your first post you state that the hub works fine when connected directly to the gpu and have all three screess connected via passive dvi adapters correct?

When you enable vsync do you have no screen tearing on any monitor in that setup?

I have three lg 27" ips monitorss, one connected with active miniDP to DVI and the others connected through DVI and HDMI. But this results in one or two monitors having a fixed tear (depending on which monitor i choose as the preferred one) when using vsync. This is because of the clock issue between my dvi/hdmi connection and the miniDP connection.

One last thing: I might get the club3d mst hub 5200 (miniDP version) and connect two of my monitors to that and keep one monitor on my active miniDP adapter. But this means i'll use both miniDP outputs on my GPU and i'm not sure if the tearing problem will then still exist cause i don't know if the outputs share the same clock or not...

please excuse me if this is a forum nono for asking this in this thread...

However thank you in advance if you can shed some light on this...

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