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 Post subject: Not so new
PostPosted: 01 Nov 2012, 21:39 

Joined: 08 Nov 2011, 22:09
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I was having problems about a couple of years ago when I got my Eyefinity setup.

Alienware Area 51
i7-930 ococked
ATI 5970
Windows 7 64bit
12 gig ram
3 24" acers

you know the hardware.

The response I received was great and I had it working. This summer, I did not use my computer
and now that I am back on, eyefinity won't work. I am using the latest version.
Framework and everything is installed, I start the wsgf first, run a game, either COD3 or Black ops, single player,
get the little menu, and for Black ops, for example:

Game running YES
Fix enabled NO
selected version v7.0.279 (singleplayer)
aspect ratio 1.777778
HUD left 0
HUD right 5760
Base address ox40000

Any version of wsfixer using any single player games, tellme the fix is not enabled.

Arrrrrggggggghhhhhhh cause I had it working beautifully earlier this spring.

No No NO NO No everywhere I turn to get this thing working, tells me fix is not enabled but reads the game.

Anyone can tell me what is NOT happening here?

Thanks in advance!


PostPosted: 02 Nov 2012, 00:58 

Joined: 15 Jan 2010, 15:01
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I've got three screens too, and all is working good, but I'm no expert. And I guess I read that you're using the WideScreenFixer software? Is that correct. Its good but I didn't see you mention any updates for the "Fixer". Maybe you did and I misunderstood. Widescreenfixer updates each time a particular game makes changes and The Fixer needs to change as well.

Are you using the most up to date version of the WideScreenFixer? I guess that's version 3.4.579, and you say "any version of fixer" etc.. so I guess the answer is yes you've updated the fixer.

How about "turning-on" the fixer itself. Did you remember since your lay off that you need to select a Settings key in the fixer itself..a Hotkey to run it on? I guess the hotkeys are either Control, Shift, or Alt etc..Something..

Since its been a while since you used it, I thought maybe you might forget it needs to be more than opened..but "turned on" so to speak. I made this mistake when I hadn't used it for awhile.

Also WSF is really good and I use it but also you can download https://www.flawlesswidescreen.org/index.php/Flawless_Widescreen.

This is also an excellent widescreen fixer tool. It has some of the games your playing..not sure if all etc.

Good luck

PostPosted: 02 Nov 2012, 04:20 

Joined: 08 Nov 2011, 22:09
Posts: 24
Thanks for the heads-up, and yes, I have the latest version and I turned on all the short keys or whatever. Did everything I remembered Jeez what a nightmare.

Downloaded the other one u were kind to suggest flawless but how do you activate it? Is there a key or anything to make it run like the * key here, other that just selecting enable fix?

 Post subject: Its a little different.
PostPosted: 02 Nov 2012, 15:40 

Joined: 15 Jan 2010, 15:01
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Its a little different. There's no key to "turn on". Just download and then open before you play your game. Then look through the list of games on the left and select which game you want to use at the moment. And then you'll see that game appear along the top tab of the Flawless program. And leave all open etc and start the game. In some ways its simpler to use..not better..but for instance if you select auto updates etc..it will update all the games in their list...even if you don't play the game etc.. and that's kinda nice. You don't have to remove the previous "version" etc. Its all done for ya. But as I recall there's a few games unique to each of these fixers..one has it /one doesn't. So I keep them both and sometimes use one and sometimes the other. But for sure its excellent.

Edit. one thing I forgot about WideScreenFixer..and it sounds like you probably know and did all, but when updating to newer versions one has to "completely" remove all files of the previous version. If I recall..and its been a while..but if i left the old version..even in my trash..somewhere on the machine..the new version wouldn't work. Even a short cut related to the previous version could be a problem.


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