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PostPosted: 25 Jul 2012, 20:10 

Joined: 20 Jul 2012, 07:44
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I have been having the same issues as david posted above.

The problems seems to happen more on 2d images overlapping 3d. Although on occasion the entire screen will flicker. This seems to happen exclusively with games at the moment.

When in eyefinity it happens only on my two DVI connections and not on my displayport active adaptor.

I tried turning off overdrive and messing with timings, nothing seems to work. I will just roll back drivers and wait for AMD to create new problems and maybe fix these.


 Post subject: Problem solved!
PostPosted: 07 Oct 2012, 17:27 

Joined: 06 Oct 2012, 15:32
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Thanks to Delphium, I just solved my flashing screen issue that I have been struggling with for half a year now!
To me it seems crystal clear that it's a matter of insufficient power that causes the problem.
In my case I had 2 x TH2go as adapters connected to an external USB hub. Yesterday I then took the connectors out from the hub and instead redirected them straight into the PC's own USB slots which turned out to completely eliminate the flashing problem.
So even though my quality hub is power supplied it obviously can't manage such stressful tasks!
And so yes for me indeed a clear prove that the problem is caused by lagging power supply combined with still more craving GUI software updates!

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PostPosted: 07 Nov 2012, 16:42 

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You guys might mention which Motherboards you are using and maybe PowerSupply.

I was getting a flickering DP setup with my Asus 1920x1200. 2 more adapters latter, returned my ATI 5870.
In other words all the adapters proll'y worked. To send my card back I need another to use so bought the second Sapphire (updated with better cooling) so when it came back I'd have CF. (replacement had the better cooling too)

The up-shot is, my Gigabyte has "more power on the USB" as a feature =and= its "Always ON". So it will charge/power USB devices even when computer is off.

Gigabyte MA-790FX-UD5P ;not relavent now as its getting old but Gb' has it as common feature.
PC Power and Cooling "Silent 750w" ; can't recal if its the Silent II or not.

Gigabyte has always done me proud, any "middle" option MB usualy has all the power user utility stuff. Like this one with 2 x16 slots.

My first adapter is still working but am looking to get one of the "mini" ones that look like passive dongles. They are coming "with" some of the newer cads just have not seen them sold separate yet. They are supposed to use "less power".. but dunno for sure.

..so my Bizlink/clone adapter has been running for what ..almost 3 years constant.

- AMD 965 @3.8 - Gigabyte 790fx ud5 - AMD 7970 Ghz - OCZ Reaper 4GB - OCZ Vetex - Eyefinity 3x Asus vw266h - Samsung t260hd + 226ux - (soundcard) - Sony 5.1 ~700w - PC P&C 750w - Corsair K60 -

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