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PostPosted: 07 Dec 2013, 01:07 

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My Bandwidth Calculator has been updated with more accurate and useful results and info.
I also added info on the latest v1.3 of the DisplayPort standard (not finalized yet).
DP1.3 compressed bandwidth is noted below the calculator so now you can dream of the huge screens you will be able to game with.

For more info on DP1.3 see the article on Bright Side Of News.
DisplayPort version 1.3 is not finalized yet, but the ultimate goal of DisplayPort v1.3 [16] is to support 8K resolution, which will either be 7680 × 4320 (16:9) (33.1 megapixels) or 8192 × 4320 (~17:9) (35.3 megapixels) or 4K 3D over a single cable. This results in a cable with a maximum theoretical bandwidth of 32.4 Gbps. With overhead removed, this will probably be closer to 29 Gbps. Other improvements include Display Stream Compression, HBR3 and data channels.
The compression is needed to handle such high resolutions due to limitations of the cable itself. (copper limits apparently)
By the sound of it, for short lengths DisplayPort v1.3 will work over current cables.

Due to the need for compression I doubt we'll see a DisplayPort v1.4 in the future, but instead a DisplayPort v2.0 that will be a new type of cable with more than 4 channels.

So for 8K gaming or 4K 3D gaming DisplayPort v1.3 is the only solution, the article states more info might be able spring 2014 and devices possibly in 2015.
HDMI v2.0 is not able to handle 8K nor 4K 3D. A HDMI v3.0 standard with compression similar to DP1.3 might be able to squeeze in 4K 3D (4K @ 120Hz) but not 8K, although this depends on the copper in the HDMI cables/standard I guess.

Conclusion is that while HDMI 2.0 is up to date with what is currently available, DisplayPort 1.3 is the only standard so far that will be able to handle the new 8K displays (a few have been shown already).
DisplayPort is also free (no licensing needed) so this might just start shifting more manufacturers towards DisplayPort rater than HDMI.

It will be exciting to see the DisplayPort v1.3 specs when they are released and what (if anything) the HDMI camp is able to respond with.

The question is what beast of a machine will be able to drive a 4K 3D or a 8K display, let alone tripple setups :crazy:

EDIT: Wrote HDMI 1.4 when I actually meant 2.0


PostPosted: 13 Jan 2017, 07:25 

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The link no longer functions for me. Is this something you moved to a different location?

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