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PostPosted: 02 Nov 2011, 20:21 
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Hello all,

Since my new laptop arrived I and I really wanted to play Portal 2 in co-op with my wife only to see that every time I need to remember what map we last played and use the console alot, I decided to make a launcher for the game, after searching on the internet and didn't actually find what I was looking for.

So here are the facts:

- What makes it so special and different than other Portal 2 Co-op launchers?
-Weelllll..... the following:

1. Ability to select the maps by chapter.
2. Ability to save progress in Co-Op: It will automatically remember the last map played in Co-Op with a partner (any partner), So you can forget about "Did we play this map???"
3. Classic abilities like :
- Host game based on the selected map.
- Join game on the selected IP address.

The S.P.E.C.I.A.L (Cookies:) )

1. Synchronization between your loader and the other partner's loader!
2. All "gestures" are unlocked. The gesture from the wheel still need to be loaded at the beginning of every map thou...
3. Ability to select the bot on which you want to play.
4. Ability to launch both games at the same time (Client and Server)

More Info in the tool itself!

Some tech info:
- .Net 4.0 redist are needed.
- Since I am pretty new to .Net Programming and C# (C++ is my main language) the tool uses multi threading but without safe threading calls. Because of this it is recommended to start a new instance of the tool prior to launching the game.
- The tool uses Windows Sockets for communication and uses the TCP port 3000 so be sure your firewall does not block it.
- Make the selection of bots only after both players loaded their tool. If not, it will try to send a message to the selected IP and no answer will come so it might crash/block/etc.
- Tested on LAN and Hamachi (VPN).
- I couldn't make it to work with the official Steam Version so the Skidrow version was tested and works perfectly (with Update 2 or 3).

If you like, you can redistribute it. Also if you find any bugs, etc please leave a comment.
In the future I will look into how to add the maps from the "Peer Review DLC".

Best Regards,

Edit: Fixed the broken link.

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