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Who is most deserving of the Mainstream Developer of the Year 2013 award?
Poll ended at 28 Jan 2014, 10:05
4A Games 42%  42%  [ 8 ]
Codemasters 11%  11%  [ 2 ]
DICE 11%  11%  [ 2 ]
Square Enix 21%  21%  [ 4 ]
Visceral Games 16%  16%  [ 3 ]
Total votes : 19
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PostPosted: 15 Jan 2014, 10:05 
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The following developers are in contention for the 2013 Mainstream Developer Of The Year awards for the reasons outlined below. Please cast your vote so that we can reward the deserving developers and encourage them to continue supporting our community!


Mainstream Dev of the Year contenders
This year showed that there are some very worthy contenders from the mainstream studios. We focused on the ones who are showing continued support of our community.

4A Games - Based in Ukraine, this developer has put out two games featuring perfect implementation of support for our community in their 2010 game Metro 2033 and this year with Metro: Last Light. It's unsurprising to learn that this studio was formed by former employees of GSC Game World who made the STALKER series as the games share a similar feel.

Codemasters - Codemasters have a long history of games that support widescreen and multi-monitor beautifully, if you can overlook the unusual F1 Race Stars blemish from last year. Grid 2 is another game that supports our community straight out of the box (or digital download!) and we hope the company continues to keep up the support.

DICE - Makers of the Battlefield series whose recent games (4 along with 3 and Bad Company 2) are setting a legacy of great widescreen and multi-monitor support and their latest title is another example of this support.

Square Enix - After a series of games that has dismal support for our community, Square Enix has lifted their game with 2012 GOTY contender Sleeping Dogs and this year with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with perfect implementation of widescreen, multi-monitor, and 21:9 support.

Visceral Games - This developer is best known for the Dead Space series on PC. The previous game Dead Space 2 achieved gold for widescreen but only silver for some minor graphical blemishes, however this year they have stepped up to the plate with Dead Space 3 which achieves gold in all certifications.

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PostPosted: 15 Jan 2014, 17:29 
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Oh decisions decisions, this is a tricky one.
Codemasters won 2 awards the last time round for the company and for the game Dirt3, I think it is awesome they have continued to provide great support through their racing titles.

The Dead Space series was an interesting one as there was little to no HUD due to it mainly being on the players suit, this worked better than I thought it might and I am generally quite impressed with their fairly solid implementations, of cause I feel the same towards 4A Games for Metro which had great support out the box, considering the small number of mainstream titles they have produced, they have done a really good job thus far, based on this fact, I hold 4A Games to a greater appreciation than the likes of Codemasters which have a well established history in this, so much so that I would be disappointed by Codemasters if they failed to deliver good implementation, now I almost expect it of them (Codemasters) and so seeing a relatively new comer (4A Games) into the mainstream arena performing well gives me a warm fuzzy feeling :)

Now Square Enix have a long history too, specially I remember Final Fantasy 7 on the PC, they have been around for a while however its great to see them now braching out to support better display configurations :)

Part of me wishes to vote for continued support, ala Codemasters, yet the other side of me wishes to support the relatively newer comers to the arena and show them respect for that they have achieved.

Cant make my mind up hehe!

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PostPosted: 18 Jan 2014, 17:17 
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This, all of this. Plus the games involved this year may not be the absolute best that each of these devs have done...

So I'll just follow my gut feeling, can't help it, it's Visceral.

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