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PostPosted: 11 Dec 2016, 09:29 

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First of all, thanks for the great site and database.

Plasma and OLED panels have infamous burn-in and image retention problems. There are beautiful OLED monitors and I like to play on my OLED TV. Many singleplayer games have dozens to hundreds gameplay length. Many multiplayer games can take 500 hours and more to became really boring. All this time player observes the HUD. On the same place of the screen, usually. From day to day, from game session to game session it can lead to ruining the panel. You can easily google reports on this with "Dark Souls" estus flask or PS Destiny HUD. Some modern games have this problem in mind and use different approach: shaking/movable HUD (The Division), semi-transparent HUD (GTA V), minimalistic HUD/show-on-use approach (Skyrim/Skyrim with iHUD) or usually mix of them.

People have to watch trailers, ask on different forums and look for mods simply to buy and play some game without the fear to meet old-school-nailed HUD in one hundred hours long game. So, do you see the variety and where WSGF can fire the dancefloor? :idea:
Excellent tier: game developers care about OLED crowd with semi-transparent/minimal/shaking HUD (The Division) :clap:
Good - in-game settings allow to minimize/hide/smart-hide HUD while leaving game pretty playable (Dark Souls III) :thumbup:
OK - need some mod tweaking (Witcher 3) :geek:
Meh - you can disable HUD, but gameplay suffers (Dragon's Dogma) :problem:
Bad - "Grandpa, what is that ghosty flask I see while play "Battlefield -42"?" :thumbdown:

Or something like that. I hope you get it: the player visit WSGF and can be sure the game not only please his high-resolution, but also not going to bring problems :nudgenudge: . I can see only one nuance: if you implement this and some years later there will appear organic panels which has not such head-ache problems.


PostPosted: 15 Nov 2017, 05:31 

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Wow, I was not aware that OLED would have burn-in issues. I have a nice LG OLED tv that I use just for tv viewing. I doubt I will have any issues there. I was hoping that someday there would be OLED gaming monitors, but if what you say is true then that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

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