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PostPosted: 05 Oct 2010, 04:48 

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[Admin Edit: You tried to order the wrong stand. The wsgf10 discount is for the Ergotech Heavy Duty Triple, not the Ergotron Triple Lift. The model is clearly stated in the ad.]

I clicked on the advertisement for the monitor stand on the left hand margin on the home page. Clicking on the ad takes you to Mounted Concepts Inc. When I decided I was going to purchase the stand, I entered in the coupon code "wsgf10". Mounted Concepts purchase page accepted the code but would not credit me with a 10% discount.

So I emailed Mounted Concepts explaining the problem.

They wrote back as follows...

David -
Could you please provide the link for this. We never had any discount sales on the Ergotron line.

On Sat, Sep 25, 2010 at 2:54 PM, David XXX wrote:

In the Widescreen Gaming Forum, you have an advertisement for the ErgoTron LX Triple Dual Display Lift Stand 33-296-195 listed for $278.09. This is after a discount that you get for entering the code, "wsgf10".


I entered the code on your website and it "congratulated" me for entering the code but it still shows the price at $299.00.

Is the discount code no longer valid?

If it is no longer valid then you probably need to change your advertisement and change your "congratulations" text on your website so it no longer says this.

David XXX

By the way, I did provide a link to WSGF's main page. Mounted Concepts apparently did not read all of my email.

The bottom line here people is that the 10% discount is not valid from what Mounted Concepts has stated.

I went ahead and bought the stand through TigerDirect. It ended up being the wrong stand because Tiger Directs site stated nowhere that the maximum monitor width for this stand is 21 inches. I have 23.5 inch wide monitors.

By fabricating a couple aluminum extension plates, I was able to get them mounted. Plus I cut a wood block to keep the monitors from flopping too far down even after tightening the adjustment screws (clockwise) all the way, I was able to make the monitors vertical. Not to mention the Velcro tape I had to buy so that the monitor edges mated up correctly. I was also able to stop the monitors from leaning to the right by wedging a desk speaker under the right hand monitor.

It wasn't a great experience. It used up my entire Saturday but I was able to force things to work.


PostPosted: 05 Oct 2010, 08:45 
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This is quite terrible. I hope things get straightened out.

EDIT: This is no Joke.

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PostPosted: 12 Oct 2010, 14:03 
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Actually it would seem that it does work, but only for the ErgoTech Triple LCD Desk Stand 100-D16-B03.

Dave M, you are trying to order the ErgoTron LX Triple Dual Display Lift Stand 33-296-195.

The advert is not clear if it is for a single product or a range of products, even though the picture is similar and the title of the product in the advert is close to that of the ErgoTech Triple LCD Desk Stand 100-D16-B03.
I would believe that from the info above it indicates to me that it is intended for use with the ErgoTech Triple LCD Desk Stand 100-D16-B03 only.

EDIT:- actually if you click the ad then it takes you directly to the model that is on offer.

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PostPosted: 11 Nov 2010, 23:02 

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Hey guys the 10% discount code is only for the Ergotech stands double and the triple. Model number for the triple is 100-d16-b03. We do not have any discount codes for the Ergotron stands. If there is a stand out there that you want and need a price match or would like to haggle on price please email [email protected]

Link to the products that have the 10% discount by using "wsgf10" [this is only for the ergotech stands]
ErgoTech Triple LCD Desk Stand Model (100-D16-B03)
http://www.mountedconcepts.com/ergotech ... 6-b03.html

ErgoTech Dual Horizontal Desk Stand 100-D16-B02
http://www.mountedconcepts.com/dual-hor ... 6-b02.html

ErgoTech Dual Horizontal LCD Desk Stand 100-D16-B02-HD (100-D16-B03)
http://www.mountedconcepts.com/dual-hor ... 02-hd.html

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