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PostPosted: 28 Dec 2014, 23:39 

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I'm new, just heard about you guys at Linus Tech Tips and sounded like a cool place. My history with computers is a bit dodgy at first, I helped build only one PC back in the 90s and I can't even recall what was inside it. I then built my very own PC in early 2003. After that I didn't get another PC until 2006 when I joined the Air Force. Since then though I've been building PCs at least 1-2 a year ever year since, either for friends, charities, or myself. I used to use a 24" Hanns-G monitor that I thought was amazing 1050p hype! Then I learned about 1920x1080p and I ended up with a Mistubishi 24" monitor, that thing just belted out heat so bad, but was IPS and looked amazing. Then somewhere along the line I ended up with a 30" Samsung Monitor 2560x1600 that lasted me a good 3 years before it just started to go all red on me and I gave it to a friend who just last year told me it finally died. I sold off the Mistubishi monitor as well and ended up with 3 Gateway 1920x1080 LED monitors, playing out with that triple eyefinity. However, it just wasn't that sweet 30" 2560x1600, and I ended up buying a HP ZR30w. That 30" 2560x1600 monitor is my daily driver, I have since sold off the 3 gateways during various moves between Japan, California, Korea and now Germany.

I guess one of the things that drew me to the WSGF is that I'm have difficulty choosing my monitor selection of the future. I know this fall I'll be upgrading to a newer gaming PC, and even though I love this single 30" 2560x1600 I find myself needing a few extra screens. I guess it might be easier to tell you what I do with my PC first. Well I don't game on multiple monitors, I always game on the center one, and the additional monitors are used for Netflix, Browsers, Twitch Streams, Spreadsheets. I mostly play World of Warcraft and I love the fact I can fit so much into the screen on my 30" monitor and it not feel cluttered. I also play BF4, and recently a few racing games. If I'm not gaming, watching youtube, or studying I find myself writing. I tend to enjoy multiple monitors because it helps me by putting my research material on one screen and my Word documents on another.

I want to do more video game recording, not sure if I want to become a "twitch streamer" but I know I want to at least FRAPs more and upload to youtube, who knows where from there.

So basically what I'm saying is I'm trying to decide where to go now. 2560x1600 is awesome to play on, but FRAPs files are huge and most people watch youtube at 480,720,1080p. So that brings up 2560x1440p, same aspect ratio as 1080p and slightly smaller FRAPs file sizes, I can get that size in 32" or 27" for the most part but they other than the ROG swift, they are 60Hz. Which to me as a more "casual" gamer is still fine. 1920x1080 is the gaming "standard" and the FRAPs file sizes are much smaller so makes them a little easier to edit. I can also get them in 27" and 144Hz with or without Gsync. So many options... and this is all for my primary monitor, the other two or even 3 that I want will probably be 27" 1080p IPS panels since I'll use them for video and other work.

The Struggle Is Real...

Anywho hope I can decide on what to do, and perhaps I can get some advice along the way.


PostPosted: 29 Dec 2014, 14:14 
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Hi, and


To make things more confusing.... How about a 21:9 Monitor?

Why do you need a 16:9 Monitor for streaming? Most people who watch streams and videos don't play them in full-screen, do they?
And you can always convert streams live to your chosen resolution so that should not be a problem.

We gonna send it to outa space!

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