Shadow Warrior 2013 Manual PLP Instructions

Submitted by imusrt on 8 November, 2015 - 02:35

DX9 game spreads nearly perfect. Proper FOV & HUD (latter's element-positions spanning full width). Weapons & aim all proper. Rendered cutscenes are hor+ & letterboxed; FMVs & loading screens pillarboxed. All text & menus are proper (though latter sometimes has vert- background pattern).

(PLP screenshot with bezel effect. Ninja butcher, mid-swing)

(e.g. stance for "Divider of Heavens" attack)

(e.g. execution of "Divider of Heavens" attack)

Fullscreen (best choice **):
1. Run DX9 game, in-game fullscreen & settings how you want, quit.
2. Open config.cfg (location *). One edit: r_fullscreen_modes "####x####" yours (fullscreen PLP, no border). Read-only.
3. SoftTH (fullscreen, DX9 x86).

== Ranged Weapon Views ==

(murderous Monster-Head)

(handgun: Tosainu Type 13 Revolver)

(crossbow: Mamushi Type-14)

(assault rifles, akimbo: Zi-Type 23 PDW)

OR Borderless:
1. Run DX9 game ***. In-game setup:
A. Uncheck Full Screen, other settings how you want.
B. Grab & move the game's window slightly (creates config entry). Then quit.
2. Open config.cfg (location *).
A. Edits: r_win_pos_x "-###" (your side width + one border), r_win_pos_y "-##" (your top border), r_win_width "####" (your full width, no border), r_win_height "####" (yours no border).
B. Optional perfect borderless: move one pixel down & right. Yours may differ.
C. r_fullscreen_modes "####x####" yours (fullscreen PLP, no border).
D. Read-only.
3. Start game, it's positioned & borderless. Game remembers.

(shotgun: Zics-C)

(rocket launcher: Yari Type-24)


(gasmask pillarboxing anomally. Using Onibi flamethrower)

1. Effects that don't spread full:
A. Gasmask: worn only for half of chapter twelve; has chunky pillarbox, the black covering most of sides (acceptable for dim toxic atmosphere).
B. Bloody injury overlay spreads only a little past center screen (unnoticed in gameplay & effect disipates fast).
2. In-game FOV slider (optional, not needed, untested).
3. * Configuration location (DX9): %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Shadow Warrior\profiles\(user-id)\.
4. ** DX9 windowed game has huge 1/3 FPS hit, but plays just fine.
5. *** DX11 was added in patch 03/2015 v1.5.0, but DX11 game doesn't spread.
6. DX9 VS DX11 game: Looks very similar. DX11 benefit is so minimal here that gamer will likely not care.

(rendered cutscene - letterboxed)

(FMV cutscene - pillarboxed)

(menu e.g.: Powers, Healing)

(menu e.g.: Skills, Katana Mastery)

View guide for general help with the instructions.