Ibrin's Guitar Hero II Guitar Controller Signed by MC Frontalot

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Nerdcore RisingOkay, so this doesn't have much to do with "widescreen gaming." The closest it comes is that the XBox360 is a widescreen platform, and works great on almost any monitor with VGA or Component inputs; and GH2 rocks out in 720p on the Xbox360. But, where else do I have to post this on the Internets?

I am a huge MC Frontalot fan. And really, if you aren't, you should be too. Front and crew came through the Houston area the first week of May. I sent Front an email and offered to take the band out to dinner, at t'afia - my favorite restaurant (and on the same block as the show).

They accepted the offer, and after sound check we all hung out and ate and chatted. I took this opportunity to have a bunch of stuff signed (CDs, PAX DVDs, etc.) - including my Xbox 360 Guitar Hero II guitar controller. I figured this was the ultimate fusion of geekdom, fanboyism and rockstar. And, I think I was right.

Here are a couple of pics from the show, and one of Ibrin and the MCF crew. My crappy camera didn't do well in the low-light, but the light traces are cool.

Frontalot-1 Frontalot-2

Band Picture: L-R, Lance Losless (drums), MC Frontalot (fronter), Ibrin (WSGF Founder, in the blue Zack Walther and the Cronkites shirt), Bl4k Lotus (Bass, holding the GH2 guitar), Gminor7 (keyboards). Guitar Picture: Close-up of the signatures, in pretty silver Sharpie. Clockwise from top - Lance, Gm7, Bl4k Lotus, MCF.

MCF-Band Guitar

Pictures of the Clear Coating

Guitar-Before Guitar-Back-Off Guitar-Torn-Apart

Guitar-Krylon Guitar-Shells Guitar-Front-Shell


FinishedIn a sense, it feels like I went through a lot of trouble for no "tangible" benefit, as the guitar "looks" the same. But, as geeks, don't we put a lot of work into the fine details that no one else would recognize? But, in the end I wanted to make sure the signatures wouldn't rub off, and get to play the game again.

It did make me think about doing some other paint-related mods. Maybe picked up an extra guitar and trying out a EVH style, or maybe getting an artist friend to do something really high-end. Might consider that later option on the Rock Band strat guitar. It's supposed to be bigger and look more like a "real" guitar.