Couple of Reviews: Accell Cables DP to mDP 1.2 Cable & Power Squid

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- Other Hardware Review
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Posted a couple of reviews on the YouTube channel this week. First is for a DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort 1.2 cable from Accell Cables. Good quality product, priced just a few dollars more than the basic entry level DP 1.1 cables from Monoprice. Switching over to these cables eliminated my DisplayLink failures, particularly on the pair of 2560x1440 panels that I daisy chain.

Second review is of the Accell Power Squid. This is a 5-outlet surge protector with flexible outlet "tentacles", rather than the rigid body of a standard power strip. In particular, I looked at how this product might work as a replacement for the Ergotech ICE Cube - which is no longer available. The Power Squid did an excellent job, and is the best alternative I've found so far.