Couple of Reviews: Club 3D MST Hubs & Corsair H80i w/ SP120 Quiet Fans

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- Other Hardware Review
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Recently posted a couple of quick product review videos on YouTube. The first is the 2nd Generation MST Hubs from Club 3D. We build upon our review of the first generation, and look particularly at the 4x1 DisplayPort MST Hub. It works great with 3x1080p in Eyefinity, plus a 21:9 1080p as a 4th monitor. Looking at DP bandwidth usage, we confirm it is also possible to run 3x 21:9 1080p on both the 3x1 and 4x1 units.

The review of the Corsair H80i is tested while cooling an AMD FX-9590, which is a 220W TDP chip. We look at the fan speed, cooling power (measuring CPU temp) and the sound profile (db SPL and spectrum analyzer of each "mode" - Quiet, Balance and Performance. We also look at the same three aspects with the SP120 Quiet fans installed.