2012 WSGF Awards - Vote Now!

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Hi everyone!

It's that time of the year to be voting for the best and worst of games and developers for 2012. We've got 3 developer awards and 1 game award to hand out this year.

Even though many games now offer native widescreen resolution support and some even offer native multi-monitor support, not all do it well. To help evangelize and encourage proper implementation in widescreen and surround gaming scenarios, the WSGF seeks to recognize those developers who represent the best and worst examples of widescreen support. Show your support to the devs by voting for the ones you feel are most worthy. We pass all the information onto the developers to help them feel that supporting you is worthwhile!

Get voting now!

Check out each thread which contains the nominees and the polls:

Mainstream Developer of the Year 2012: Click here

Indie Developer of the Year 2012: Click here

Game of the Year 2012: Click here

Narrow-Minded Award 2012: Click here

Thanks for voting!