Review - Corsair 64GB Survivor USB 3.0 Drive

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- Other Hardware Review
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I was recently in the market for a large USB 3.0 drive. Looking at Amazon, I found the Corsair 64GB Survivor, for $67. This pricing places it at just over $1/GB, and right in the middle of the pack with regards to pricing. I picked one up and ran some benchmarks on it, and tossed it into the washing machine to test its water resistance claims. The drive performed well in the Quick Bench tests, almost hitting it max read speed of 85MB/sec. It came through the washer cycle just fine. I Highly Recommend this drive for anyone needing mobile storage.

+ Large size makes it hard to misplace
+ Very fast
+ Good price/MB
+ Water resistant
- Bulk makes it hard to use on thin notebooks
- No lanyard included