How To Create An Article

Article Type: 
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Content & Icon Selection

For this guide we shall be using the "Guide" selection from the "Article Type:" drop down list, this helps with filtering the article out from all the others in the articles list.
The next seleciton list is a list of common icons that may be used as well as the options to use a custom image or a boxart from a game by either uploading your own image or by selecting a game from the detailed report selection list below.

[inline:articletype.png] [inline:articleicon.png] [inline:articleicongame.png]

Images & Attachments

When inserting an image it is best to the inline filter. You can use it by just typing [inline:attatchment_name.jpg] (not the URL that is provided). You may also choose which attachments to display as a list at the bottom of the article.