AMD Radeon 6790 Review - Far Cry 2

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Far Cry 2 (and the whole Cry/Crysis series) has long been considered a system killer. If not a killer, then at least a good strong test. As always, we run our test at max settings with 4xAA. The benchmark tool within Far Cry 2 offers settings for High, Very High and Ultra. We chose Ultra with 4xAA.

While once a true system killer, Far Cry 2 shows that hardware catches up to software. All but the 5770 are hitting 60fps in widescreen (at max settings), and the CFX configurations are doubling that at a 120fps CPU wall.

Eyefinity does show a steady performance climb. The HD 6790 hits 60fps at 1600x900 and 30fps at 3x1600x900. Both of these are at 4xAA with Ultra settings and would look good stretched across a 1920x1080 panel. Upping to 1080p and 3x1080p drops the fps to just under the 60fps and 30fps marks.

AvP 2010 EF

AvP 2010 WS