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What Is WSGF Certification?

The Widescreen Gaming Forum (WSGF) awards a unique certification to games that have been designed to properly utilize the additional screen width available in widescreen resolutions. This certification is the WSGF "Seal of Approval" that a particular title works flawlessly with all the major widescreen resolutions and formats.

Why Widescreen Certification?

Support for widescreen displays has improved steadily since the creation of the WSGF in October of 2003. But as of the 4th anniversary of the WSGF, less than 50 games have been verified to provide correct widescreen support. Widescreen Certification assures consumers that their gaming purchases will work flawlessly with their widescreen display - whether it be a notebook computer, an HDTV, or a standalone computer monitor.

To show our appreciation to the developers and publishers who have taken the time and effort to ensure that their game properly supports widescreen we have created the "WSGF Widescreen Certified" logo which is available for all games that have been designed with proper widescreen support. We are proud to offer the "WSGF Widescreen Certified" logo to these games and encourage the use of this logo in the advertising and distribution of these products.

Benefits of Certification

A Widescreen Certified game lets a potential consumer know that your game will work with their widescreen display and can lead to increased sales and a higher rate of customer satisfaction. In addition, Widescreen Certified games garner a higher level of visibility on the WSGF.

How to Get Certified

The WSGF contributors are constantly evaluating released games to determine the product's level of support for widescreen resolutions. In order to allow developers and publishers to further benefit from possible Widescreen Certification we have created a system for certification of pre-released games. This system is designed to accommodate the critical timeline that many developers and publishers work with when preparing to release their game. Upon receiving the game code, testing for Widescreen Certification can usually be completed within 24-48 hours.

Steps in Certification

  1. Email Ibrin (the site Founder/Owner/Administrator) about your pre-release submission
  2. Process any needed agreements such as a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  3. Submit a beta of the game for review.
  4. The WSGF reviews the title for certification.
  5. The WSGF submits needed changes or revisions, if needed.
  6. An updated beta is resubmitted, if needed.
  7. The WSGF certifies the title and provides logo for use in game advertising and distribution if desired.

What game elements need to be provided for certification?

  1. Working examples of all gameplay elements (including any mini-games or alternate modes)
  2. Working heads-up-display (HUD)
  3. Gamplay menus, maps, and inventory screens
  4. Samples of in-game cut-scenes and FMVs, as needed

History of the WSGF's Widescreen Analysis

Over the years, the Widescreen Gaming Forum has refined it's analysis and critique of widescreen support.

About the WSGF

The WSGF is the #1 resource for information on widescreen hardware and games on the World Wide Web (Google Searches - "Widescreen Gaming", "Widescreen Games", "Widesreen"). At our 5th anniversary, the forum has over 13,800 members, and over 136,000 posts. Since May 2006, the WSGF has averaged approximately 350,000 unique visitors per month, and 750,000 page views. The WSGF has been featured or received recognition from a number of different outlets:

The WSGF was a Silver Sponsor of Penny Arcade's Child's Play Charity, for 2006.