2008 WSGF Awards - Press Release

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Press Release


High Profile Developers Recognized for Embracing or Penalizing Widescreen Owners

HOUSTON, TEXAS, October 22, 2008 - Widescreen Gaming Forum (WSGF) announces the recipients of its first annual awards.

Field of Vision - This award recognizes developers for implementing proper support of widescreen and Surround Gaming displays.

Narrow Minded - With tongue firmly planted in cheek, the WSGF recognizes developers who actively discourage or prevent support of widescreen displays.

Game of the Year - Call of Duty 4 was voted by the members of the Widescreen Gaming Forum as 2007 Widescreen Game of the Year. Only releases certified by the WSGF as having perfect widescreen support were considered.

For additional details visit http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/awards

About the Widescreen Gaming Forum
- The WSGF is the world’s leading resource for information on widescreen displays, widescreen gaming, and Surround Gaming. It works tirelessly to analyze how games operate in widescreen and Surround Gaming resolutions, and provides custom solutions where the developers' efforts fall short.

The WSGF website features detailed game reports, a comprehensive collection of widescreen monitor and notebook specifications, and an excellent support forum. Additionally, the WSGF provides screenshot and gameplay video comparisons to showcase the benefits of widescreen and Surround Gaming. The WSGF offers pre-release Certification services to game developers to ensure their games properly support widescreen and Surround Gaming.

About the WSGF

The WSGF is the #1 resource for information on widescreen hardware and games on the World Wide Web (Google Searches - "Widescreen Gaming", "Widescreen Games", "Widesreen"). At our 5th anniversary, the forum has over 13,800 members, and over 136,000 posts. Since May 2006, the WSGF has averaged approximately 350,000 unique visitors per month, and 750,000 page views. The WSGF has been featured or received recognition from a number of different outlets:

The WSGF was a Silver Sponsor of Penny Arcade's Child's Play Charity, for 2006.

Working with the WSGF

Game Certification

The WSGF offers Certification services for game developers, and encourage developers to engage the WSGF during their beta period. First place to stop are the Widescreen and Surround FAQs, to familiarize yourself with the terms and classifications used by the site. Next place would be the WSGF Certification Overview and Requirements.