Richard Burns Rally 2004 RSRBR manual

Submitted by imusrt on 24 October, 2016 - 21:15

Mod this landmark game for spectacular refresh. Article intention: support community (fan or newcomer) on today's installations (with details on manual spread, mod installations & pitfalls, game availability).

(Manual PLP screenshot, modded game. Shots mostly Lancer Evo IX R4. Hood)

1. SoftTH (fullscreen, DX9 x86): put both files (config.SoftTHConfig & d3d9.dll) in (path-to-game-exe).
2. RBR FixUp (aspect fix):
A. First, decide if you need to download FixUp. Open (path-to-game)\Plugins\ & look for FixUp.dll (e.g. RSRBR includes it).
B. If FixUp.dll existed, then open FixUp.ini & edit centerMenu=1 (& if FixUp.ini did not exist, then start & quit game to create it).
OR C. If no FixUp.dll (vanilla game),
i. Download FixUp Plugin (only) from
ii. Paste only FixUp.dll in (path-to-game)\Plugins\.
3. Do if vanilla-game (non-RSRBR): Start game (& if config utility pops up, select best-offered garbage-settings). Quit from inside game (& config will not nag again).
4. Edit (path-to-game)\RichardBurnsRally.ini. XRes & YRes your fullscreen.
5. Play game:
A. If vanilla, play RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe (best updated-vanilla version).
B. If RSRBR, start RSCenter (to play e.g. solo with Alone; then click e.g. SSE or RBRdll).
(Cockpit example)

OR Borderless (which allows AA override):
1. Spread game same as fullscreen, except additional steps.
2. Edit (path-to-game)\RichardBurnsRally.ini Fullscreen = false.
3. Start game (it's windowed). Borderless Gaming utility (BG fullscreen setup). Quit game (using keyboard) & quit BG.
4. Play game: Start BG, start game, Alt+Tab to game or click it (auto-triggers full borderless).

(Rear passenger, showing driver co-driver; Evo X interior)

1. Game spreads proper; it looks good with AA added *, then renewed with SweetFX ** & mods. Hor+ & FOV proper, in all views (& fully adjustable, with mod).
2. HUD proper (sparse & on center), except there is minor encroachment (5:4-ish overall HUD); but HUD fairly adjustable, particularly with mods ***; then HUD looks good (better than proper).
3. All text proper. Menu proper, but it's narrow (fits in center); hor+ rendered background (of proper FOV).
4. Rendered cutscenes & replays full hor+. Loading screens & startup FMVs pillarboxed.
5. Cameras described:
A. Unmodded: game's default-cars' views are proper & usable. Cab views are decidedly aggressive (emphasizing road). The action-type dash-mounted variety is normal enough. But sacred cockpit is marred by severe action-orientation. Cockpit ("Cam_internal") looks plain odd on default-cars; aggressive position lacks finesse & car-personality. Cockpit's overall view would look better respectfully pushed back to reasonable granny-slouch (via mod).
B. Modded: default camera details are quite meaningless, because gamer will mod.
i. Gamer will likely use camera fix-all "CamHack" mod **** (or DIY alternative: PaceNote mod). Can add to this RBRdll, for a few additional camera-slots/views (its defaults adjustable via CamHack, not PaceNote).
ii. Gamer will often use community cars (which use non-default cameras, which vary & often look good as-is).
iii. Cockpit view recommendation: leave cockpit slouched bit-granny (remeniscent of R3R 2013 cockpit). Game wears this well, visual sweetspot; nice big view & car fits like glove (shows enough budget-looking interior for proper immersion). Granny-ish glorifies both the SweetFX-road-view & developer's original aggressive "technical-view" intention.
iv. Other views: a new hood-type view looks good. Swingman default looks good as-is & maintains decent immediacy. A more-distant swingman maybe useful sometimes (but jarring-change & less ideal visuals).
6. Mods work, no matter your "flavor" (be it vanilla+ or RSRBR). But "flavor" affects how & which mods are used (to achieve similar result). Some mods are barred, depending on scenario. Mods are usually good, but quality varies; occasionally bugged (bit/all-broken or overwrites something you want), to full-on corruption. If a mod is recommended by the community, it is usually trustworthy (given respect). Fear the lone creator or any management-type mods. Always respect & homework before a mod-install; maybe backup game-files you hold dear.
7. Mouse-pointer remains in borderless, so fling it far or use NoMousy.
8. This manual spread & basically everything in this article requires updated game (v1.02. If update doesn't work right, try another source).
9. Random help:
A. RSRBR GUI tutorial:
C. RSRBR "official" installation tutorial:
D. RSRBR (French plugin) VS RBRTM (Czech plugin) & can install both:
E. In RSRBR, to get back your default-RBR solo experience (i.e. default cars, weather, unmodded ground-type etc), you can revert it: in RSCenter Alone, select Pack "Choose Pack". Then quit RSCenter-Alone. Then restart RSCenter-Alone (default cars are back, etc).
F. Controllers work fine (worst to best):
i. Xbox controllers (suck as usual, inaccurate stick): Xbox360 wired fine, no emu needed. XboxOne or wireless may need emu (untested; an emu exists:
ii. Logitech controller works well (as usual, accurate stick; no emu).
iii. Wheel works very well, if you first delete (path-to-game)\PC_InputFilter.ini. Then customize in-game: Options, Controls, Filter Settings. Source (by sptp):
G. Rare/never (& may not help): If problem-install on system-drive (C:), try changing game's SSE exe properties, to run as admin &/or compatability mode WinXP (SP#).
10. Warnings:
A. RSRBR has finicky installation.
i. If installed with great respect & precision (as described in this article), RSRBR works clean & impressively well. Otherwise strong chance of game corruption (e.g.
ii. Corruption causes notorious game-broken error "Physics File absent! Your installation of RSRBR is not valid !!!"
iii. Another common error, often caused by less-vigorous corruption, misplaced content or inappropriate-RSRBR-GUI-choice: "PACKChoose Packnot installed, update and install the pach of car to be able to play !"
iv. If read-only files exist in (path-to-game) (including rbz contents), strong chance RSRBR will corrupt (& likely also true for any other car-manager mod). Correctable, as described in this article.
B. Much safer to install RSRBR into a fresh, clean (path-to-game). But no modding-freedom is actually lost: gamer can install RBR, then backup (copy) (path-to-game); then can mod, & revert at-will to fresh RBR later (by deleting (path-to-game)\* & pasting-in your backup; good as new for RSRBR installer).
C. Don't use RSRBR GUI's options to set resolution on manual spread (causes error, recoverable).
D. Rare/never (& may not help): If a problem with CamHack mod, maybe install Visual Basic 6.0 Runtimes Plus (free; was installed prior to this game's testing; CamHack's written in VB6).
11. Mods that provide online gameplay:
A. RSRBR (most common).
B. RBRTM (less common)
C. Others exist, e.g.,,
12. Packed VS unpacked RBZ (best practice): Some modders run game loose, with main rbz files extracted for fiddling.
A. Warning: unpacked is less safe, particularly during main installations (so the fiddler would unpack ~last).
B. Foundation files: for the average modder, it's cleanest & safest to have main-game's initial rbz files packed (using 7zip to massage rbz if needed).
C. Modded files:
i. As individual loose files & folders are created (by mods or gamer altering 7zip-file-extractions), leave them loose (flexible, easiest, safest). Their names correspond to rbz's naming & structure, thereby trumping that piece of rbz content.
ii. Allows a separate backup of your modded files (some of which can be reinserted in future reinstall).
13. Fineprint (ignore this): don't bother removing string "ConstantForceMultiplier = -60". "These are orphan parameters which did not make it into the final release." Quote source

(Swingman, mid-turn)

1. Mods Overview:
A. Game depends heavily on mods & has been altered vastly by community. Game's loved, pushed forward, continues to surprise (VR).
B. Mods here are fiddly Lego that bring two classes of impressive content:
i. Brains:
Modder is the reason game is playable, feels good & offers current-day racer functions (flexibility & freedom). Game's an old favorite in modder's chest; receives excellent attention. These mods regularly have cobbled-poweruser vibe, learning curve, bugs. Pros out-weigh cons usually, not always.
ii. Backbone:
Hardcore fans push new content. An impressive example is the ongoing creation of real rally tracks, tournaments, cars. These fans continue to freshen game content, & have produced a ton overall.

2. Common modded-game flavors (all are excellent & similar, line blurred between).
A. Flavor: RSRBR (most common).
i. This beefed & fiddly super-mod brings a pile of content to the table, in one fiddly installation.
ii. In-game is good, & stuffed with additional content. Outside game has cobbled-poweruser vibe; learning curve overall.
iii. Initially requires respect, courage, patience (like a rally driver).
iv. You still should mod game further. RSRBR does not mean "Completely modded" (it basically means "Complete content. Game modded, but room for visual improvement").
B. Flavor: Vanilla+ & RBRTM (less common).
i. RBR uses individually-installed mods to renew visuals, manage cars & tracks, & allow online rally. Most mods are optional (a few are manditory, a few barred).
ii. Functional component examples: RBR uses e.g. RBRTM for online challenges, RX-RBR for BTB tracks, VDRM to manage cars, etc etc.
iii. Initially requires less respect & courage than RSRBR. But overall, more time spent tinkering (on mod components, learning curve).
C. Flavor: we'll call it Mod-Monster (uncommon).
i. Requires two game-installs: RSRBR & vanilla+ with e.g. RBRTM.
ii. Having both flavors installed gives access to two different online communities (for more live races).
iii. Initially requires big learning curve, so it's perhaps best grown-into (i.e. start with RSRBR). It's harder because each game must be installed & modded in different ways (vanilla+ VS RSRBR). Also, once fully modded, each game will act bit-different ongoing (GUI, car management etc).
(Swingman, straight)

1. Used hardcopy rare & expensive. Price is not exploiting community efforts. Game's just old, rare & wanted. But e.g. Amazon fairly trustworthy; game in hand & semi-flexible seller (recommend contact if different country). Ebay more gamble; sellers vary more & trusted less, do careful homework.
2. This game is considered abandonware by many.
A. Hard to buy. Both difficult & irrational:
i. Firstly, the seller's country issue (common purchase blockage).
ii. Secondly, price far exceeds value, folding many prospective-buyers. Game's aged & broken-by-default, requiring effort. There are better choices, e.g. Dirt Rally 2015. RBR needs an angle, or it will rarely be chosen.
B. "All of the copyright holders are gone, other than those accquired by Square Enix, and the last thing they care about is this game. They are the only reason this game isn't on GOG, and while someone like them might get this game's license, it's highly unlikely, and won't happen soon by any means." Quote source steam:
C. Game's business-days are long-gone & no future: Original broken game requires mods for current-day consumption. If game was ever re-released for sale, a publisher would first require an overhauled game. This will not happen. Inconceivable effort for minimal payoff & no business interest.
D. Money no longer benefits creators, nor the ecosystem of games-owned. Money does nothing here now (besides hampering game's community), love does. Game's eternal-life is given by community (not business). RBR's bones refleshed, a glorious Frankenstein thick with modded meat.
3. Abandonware support:
A. Proof: hidden online is solid evidence of complete access (to all services, &withnocrk).
B. Your involvement benefits this game & its dwindled community. You are wanted, however you install it.
C. Abandonware version has become important to RBR-community's survival. It allows anyone anywhere eternal easy-access to all community offerings (e.g. RSRBR tournaments, RBRTM etc).
D. Because of RBR's alround freedom & appeal, game & community will survive. Anyone can access & modify this game; there is no blockage but the mind. This freedom bolsters game's pulse (human blood-flow), & provides a living populated future (active player-base, endless modding).
E. Not wishing to stir trouble; cherished monumental game. But its living future depends on abandonware (& mods). This needs to be said, accessibility known. Game's survival fundamental; scruples make void (reduced player-base & modders); that voice threatens this game's future.
4. To benefit future rally developments, one should buy Dirt Rally.

(Rendered replay)

1. * Add anti-aliasing (if game's doesn't work):
A. Open CCC, go to either Gaming or 3D App Settings & Add game, then click it.
B. In antialiasing section, Mode=Override & Samples=2xEQ, rest n/c, & Apply (if button exists).
C. Use borderless (on manual spead).

2. ** Add SweetFX (via RadeonPro). Highly recommend, game looks much newer. Improved texture, color, contrast (but may look better OFF in occasional community track with sharp bright textures).
A. Get Official SweetFX:
i. Download from Unzip to new folder, like Downloads\SweetFX files\SweetFX #.#\.
ii. SweetFX 1.4 is easiest, works as-is.
OR iii. SweetFX 1.5 requires edit to work: Open Downloads\SweetFX files\SweetFX 1.5.1\SweetFX\Shaders\Main.h. Find & edit "SweetFX_main" (no quotes; one hit) & edit it to "main".
iv. (The SweetFX 1.5 fix was found here
B. Get RadeonPro: Download & install it (to run SweetFX)
i. Open RadeonPro from OS Start button.
ii. Main Settings: Click "Settings" button & first click "FPS counter" to select "Hidden" radio-button.
Then click "SweetFX settings" to checkmark "Enable SweetFX integration."
Then fill in SweetFX's "root location" (e.g. Downloads\SweetFX files\SweetFX1.5.1\). Lastly enter preferred toggle-key, e.g. Insert-key. Save. Then refresh RadeonPro, by quitting it & also Exit tray-icon; then restart RadeonPro.
iii. Add game: Near RadeonPro's top (hover), click "Add new profile" button & select game (RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe).
iv. Enable effects: With game selected in left-pane, click SweetFX tab & checkmark Enable SweetFX.
v. Recommended SweetFX effect settings (to fix bit-grey & bit-blurry old game): Checkmark Cartoon (CartoonPower 0.10, CartoonEdgeSlope default), LumaSharpen (defaults), Lift Gamma Gain (0.990 x3, 1.010 x3, 1.015 x3), Vibrance (defaults). No other effects checkmarked.
vi. Finally, apply your settings to game: In the left-pane, right-click game-entry & select "Apply now".
C. Play game with SweetFX enabled: you just need RadeonPro running (tray), then start game however you want. But bit safer to open RadeonPro & right-click game-entry & select "Play".
D. SweetFX effects described (recommendations for improvement; order by importance):
i. LumaSharpen: sharpens textures & edges, doesn't affect color (great default, 0.60 0.035 2 1.00 0).
ii. Vibrance: amplifies color (without Bloom/HDR's overblown color & data-loss symptoms. Great default, 0.15 1.00).
iii. Lift Gamma Gain: use primarily to heighten contrast or brighten (e.g. can offset other effects that have darkened image). E.g. setting dark-area ("Lift") to a hint-darker, & midtone-area ("Gamma") & light-area ("Gain") to a hint lighter.
iv. Cartoon (optional, recommend): used at minimum (CartoonPower 0.10, CartoonEdgeSlope default 1.50), improves blurry textures further. Adds hint-darker sharper-edges & creates new detail in textures (including car-sticker, tree, white-snow). But sometimes creates an overly-harsh texture on community tracks (e.g. Czech harsh flat grass).
v. If SweetFX is too harsh for current community track, can turn off SweetFX (because game looks good).
E. SweetFX preset usage:
i. Summary: It is an option to use a downloaded SweetFX preset (from any game), instead of using RadeonPro's effect-checkmarks & their settings. Preset importer supports SweetFX preset files well (not ENB format), with no file-edits (e.g. you don't have to delete "Description" section). But presets are rarely ideal; best to tweak SweetFX yourself (via RadeonPro), for result that's fine-tuned authentic-plus.
ii. Preset import method: First, best to open downloaded preset (text file), to see if SweetFX version specified (& use that version for "root location" as seen in Main Settings above ****). In RadeonPro, select game & on SweetFX tab, checkmark Enable SweetFX (if you haven't). Then scrollbar to bottom & click "Import settings" button (& select your downloaded preset). GUI then updates itself, replacing previous effect checkmarks/settings. Then right-click game-entry & select "Apply now". Once imported, you can alter effect-checkmarks & settings further yourself (& "Apply now").
F. RadeonPro bug fixes:
i. If tweaking RadeonPro's SweetFX settings & game ignores changes, then quit RadeonPro to refresh it, including tray. If you were tweaking awhile or importing, restart PC.
ii. If switching settings from e.g. SweetFX1.4 to SweetFX1.5, should quit RadeonPro (& Exit tray too) & restart it to instantiate settings.

3. Add sexy environment components:
A. Kahoo's Particle mod.
i. Download
ii. Kahoo's mod (2011) has better code than Mayakist's "Dust Mod" release (2004) & does about the same thing.
B. BWX's Realistic Raindrops.
i. Download:
ii. Windshield's rain effects are better & increased visibility. "This raindrop/windshield mod creates a more realistic rain effect on the windshield."
C. Marumiya's Water mod (a better color).
i. Download from
ii. Make a copy for each country (e.g. BR_, HO_, AU_, MB_, US_. You may not need them all.
iii. Open e.g. 7zip. Navigate to (path-to-game)\Maps\.
iv. In 7zip menu under View, select Details & Type (so you can see stuff).
v. Still in 7zip, select all these files (Shift-click type): track-##_?_textures.rbz.
vi. Right-click your selection, & in popup choose 7zip, Extract to "*\". Close 7zip when it's done.
vii. Now in Windows, open folder (path-to-game)\Maps\ & make new folder: map_extract. Then move your extracted folders (named track-##_?_textures) to map_extract (a searchable junk-folder).
viii. Open map_extract folder & Search (OS search box) for Jot all hits (to replace all, soon; e.g. Jot must include country-codes, & their associated ## & letter (from their folder-names).
ix. Use 7zip to replace these specific rbz sub-files with your new one (i.e. in 7zip navigate to rbz's "damp" folder, to e.g. file; then drag your downloaded file into rbz, to replace existing Alternatively, an "unpacked" method would also work fine.
x. Optional (completionist): If you have previously added tracks, you will also likely have numerous extracted (ugly) water-versions, here:
\Maps\\?? So Search Maps folder for "" & replace them (in "damp" folders for sure; maybe "wet", skip "dry"). You'd replace with Marumiya's file (after naming it the same, e.g.

4. *** Mod HUD:
A. Why modify: default's fine, but better altered. It was designed for narrow monitor; the speed-cluster in particular feels encroaching. Same time, some sim fans want gauges more-centralized (encroachment for competitive advantage).
B. Fix_1: recommended if manual-spread game using SweetFX. Use a digidash with transparent-background (replacing speed-cluster) that you can move anywhere. HUD then looks good, feels good.
i. Barred: RBR Gauger Plugin (SweetFX conflict), GT Gauges (d3d9 conflict).
ii. Method: Recommend "Digidash" (& move it by editing digidash_1280.ini "Hud position" x,y). Then in-game Options, Screen, select Digidash Size "Full" ("Minimal" also works, but smaller & less useful; also you'd need to adjust its position in minidash's file).
iii. Download:
iv. Download source is from Gundars at (the page confused, but download is right).
OR C. Fix_2: recommended if manual-spread game & no SweetFX. Looks good also, but with more impressive data.
i. Barred: GT Gauges.
ii. Method: Recommend using "Gauger Plugin" together with "Digidash" mod, for a barrage of good-looking data.
iii. Download RBR Gauger Plugin:
iv. Mod description:
Good-looking verbose tabular data. Box is very flexible size & position (via in-game Options, Plugins). It stays on, even when HUD switched off (in-game Options); this makes a clean verbose HUD.
v. This gauger also available as a separate mouse-moveable window.
OR D. Fix_3: recommended for game not spread manually.
i. HUD looks stellar & more-impressive, but SweetFX may well be barred.
ii. Search web, a few beautiful HUDs. E.g. GT Gauges by Racer_S (which uses d3d9.dll).
OR E. Fix_4: not needed. Can adjust speed-cluster by file edit, with no mod.
i. Copy
\Misc.rbz to a new "temp-folder". Use 7zip to extract rbz (creates Misc folder).
ii. In extracted Misc folder, find "digidash....ini" & "minidash...ini" files (minidash small, digidash big).
iii. Edit "Hud position", two values: x,y (left/right, up/down).
iv. Put the ini file(s) you edited into (path-to-game)\Misc folder (trumps rbz). If Misc folder doesn't exist, create it.

(Rendered replay)

1. Many community cars have good default views. Also recommend not touching FOV in this game, it's proper; also proper-looking, with quite-clean sides. Shove camera instead (or use CamHack's shoved presets).
2. **** CamHack by Racer_S (best):
A. Installation (for vanilla+; RSRBR GUI menu provides CamHack):
i. Download: (RBR CamHack 3.0). Extract anywhere, e.g. loose in (path-to-game).
ii. Download file "dx8vb.dll" (from anywhere) & place in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ (failing that, in C:\Windows\System32\).
iii. "Search for CMD in the C:\Windows\SYSWOW64 folder, not system32. Run CMD as adminstrator. Type in 'regsvr32 dx8vb.dll' and press Enter".
iv: If not installed properly, CamHack freezes immediatly. Quote source:
B. CamHack benefits:
i. Offers a bunch of positioned presets (which are also adjustable). You can scroll through a pile of views, split by view-group, on-the-fly (say pre-race, to find what fits). Can also save your favorites together (streamlined views).
ii. The most useful views are based on current-car's original views (with altered camera-distances). But other view-types are offered.
iii. Lets you easily look back/left/right in any view (via CamHack GUI Controller Settings).
iv. Can map additional button to use some "replay views" while driving (via CamHack GUI Controller Settings, Change View Enhanced/Replay).
v. Should map more features, like next-preset-group (via Change Preset) & reset-this-view-for-now (via Reset View). The five best on-the-fly features fit nice on controller (if buttons freed-up in-game Options, Controls: Pause [Esc], Ignition [auto]). If using auto-clutch, six buttons are free on basic controller (& automatic-gearbox can have seven or eight).
C. Usage overview:
i. Start CamHack, then peruse/use presets: There are ten groups of camera-positions available (keyboard 0-9 are camera-groups; groups mappable, one button). Scroll through each group's views with default view-button.
ii. Adjust view-groups (optional): Can hand-pick & store good views or alter existing. Example1: improve a pretty-good preset-group, by fixing its one crappy view. Example2: overwrite a key of cameras you hate, with cameras you currently use.
iii. Activation keys: "*" key enables CamHack views (& camera-adjustment feature), "/" disables. Keyboard 0-9 to select a view-group.
iv. Adjustment keys (optional): Numpad (8,2,4,6) adjusts current-camera-preset up,down,left,right; Numpad "-,+" for distance; Numpad-5 resets current-change. To change angle (all, roll pitch yaw), click Numpad-zero (unlocks mouse), then mouse-forward/backward (for pitch, yaw; roll not useful, via mouse-wheel). Press Numpad-zero again to release (then save it or not).
v. Save/Load: Save a favorite preset (or an adjusted camera) to a favorite preset-group (0-9), via left-Alt+ (left-Ctrl also works). Load preset-group: (though CamHack remembers last-used preset).
vi. Add features (recommended): Map more controller buttons for new features, via CamHack GUI Controller Settings. Recommend replay-cameras button (for extra cool views, which render best if triggered from swingman-view) & some other race-usable features. Buttons are mapped easiest by clicking controller button (at GUI dropdown).
vii. Reset (or backup) CamHack settings: quit CamHack, delete saved-views-file ((path-to-camhack)\, delete button-mappings-file ((path-to-camhack)\config.ini).
D. Addons (don't bother):
i. RBRdll ***** (extra views, enforced).
ii. PaceNote ****** (fine-tune per-car).

(Main menu, showing Subaru Impreza 2003)

1. "Install the Official Patches 1.01 and 1.02" for RBR.
A. Get & use both. Files &
B. Download (option1):
OR C. Download (option2):
2. Go to RalleySim's main RSRBR downloads page & download:
A. RSRBR Mod (& all its updates posted on its page; main file Install_RSRBR.exe).
B. RSRBR Tracks Pack (file Install_Pack_Tracks.exe).
C. RSRBR Car Pack ("Pack complet/Complete pack"; file Install_Pack_ALL_Packs.exe).
D. Optional (recommended): RSRBR BTB Country Packs. Get some/all packs. Heavier tracks of better graphics, built with BTB.
3. Optional (recommended): Pack NGP (file Install_Pack_NGP.exe). Download:
4. Optional (not recommended): download additional single cars.
A. Cars:
B. NGP cars:
C. Singles are needless (with RSRBR's huge, updated car packs) & not tested. Some chance of RSRBR corruption, each time.

(RSRBR profile screen)

1. Precaution_1:
A. Recommend fresh RBR install (or else headache), from fresh-booted PC. Uninstall a previous RSRBR & RBR (after backup consideration); then delete (path-to-game), restart PC.
B. Antivirus off (web off). Follow exactly & in order; respect the monster.
2. Install base RBR game.
A. Use rare-boxed (respect) or common-abandonware, which equate (&withnocrk).
B. RBR install location (because RSRBR is finicky):
i. Easiest: Keep path very simple & install on D:. Like D:\RBR (or RBR-RS). Any variation is gamble.
OR. ii. If you must install to C:\ (system drive), keep path simple & don't install to any default Windows folders
(i.e. for Windows Vista & up, "must not install RBR... in the following folders: ...Program ...Program files (x86) ...Users and sub folders (desktop, My Documents etc ..)"
Quote source
3. After installation, RBR's launcher may appear; just Exit (RSRBR will overwrite settings anyway).
4. Install the Official Patches. Safest to install both v1.01 & v1.02, on any game-version (&abandonwareequates&withnocrk).
5. Optional precaution: If you are certain your base updated RBR-game works, then leave it alone. But if uncertain, you can start & quit game now (which will require filling in Video Settings popup, which RSRBR will overwrite upon install; you'd also be prompted to create a Profile, using any name).
6. ******* Precaution_2: Prep Files.
A. Summary: Once RBR v1.02 is installed, make all its files writeable. Do this only once (i.e. if you discover read-only files later, don't worry about them).
B. Reason: Some read-only files can cause bad corruption. Very unsafe environment, until read-only is corrected.
C. Write-Fix Part1: extract game-folder's rbz files.
i. Go to (path-to-game). Make new subfolder called "RBZ BACKUP"; inside, make new subfolder named "game-prep".
ii. Go back to (path-to-game), View Details & Sort by Type. Select & Cut all .rbz files, paste them in "game-prep".
iii. In 7zip, navigate to "game-prep". Select all rbz (Ctrl+A), then RMB; in popup, select 7zip & then "Extract to '*\'" (extracts same-named folders).
iv. Now must move the original rbz files somewhere else (e.g. "junk game-prep").
D. Write-Fix Part2: extract map-folder's rbz files.
i. Go to (path-to-game)\RBZ BACKUP, make new subfolder "maps-prep".
ii. Go to (path-to-game)\Maps, View Details & Sort by Type. Select & Cut all .rbz files, paste them in "maps-prep".
iii. In 7zip, navigate to "maps-prep". Select all rbz (Ctrl+A), then RMB; in popup, select 7zip & then "Extract to '*\'" (extracts same-name folders).
iv. Now must move the original rbz files somewhere else (e.g. "junk maps-prep").
E. Write-Fix Part3: make whole game writeable.
i. Open Command Prompt (OS Start button, "cmd", Enter).
ii. Navigate to drive-letter ("D:", Enter), then to (path-to-game) (with "cd" command).
iii. Once in (path-to-game), type (no quotes) "attrib -r *.* /s" (i.e. writeable all game files & in all subfolders).
F. Write-Fix Part4: repack game-folder's files.
i. In 7zip, navigate to "game-prep". RMB the top folder; in popup, select 7zip & then "Add to '*.zip'" (creates same-named zip file). Repeat for every folder.
ii. Open Command Prompt again, navigate to "game-prep". Type (no quotes) "rename *.zip *.rbz" (replaces zip-extention with rbz).
G. Write-Fix Part5: repack maps-folder's files. Do same as part4 again, except: navigate to & repack the folders found in "maps-prep".
H. Write-Fix Part6: put cleaned rbz files back.
i. Copy all rbz files from "game-prep" to (path-to-game).
ii. Copy all rbz files from "maps-prep" to (path-to-game)\Maps.
I. Write-Fix Part7: backup cleaned rbz.
i. Reason: can paste your cleaned-rbz files into a future RBR-install (much faster).
ii. Inside "RBZ BACKUP", delete all folders & keep all cleaned rbz. Move folder somewhere permanent.
iii. To use them on future reinstall, just paste over game's files (safe; rbz are not path-specific).
7. Precaution_3:
A. Make a backup (copy) of (path-to-game).
B. Reason: allows you to easily return you to a clean RBR installation. You'd just uninstall RSRBR (Control Panel), then delete (path-to-game)\* (all); then paste your "backup" back into (path-to-game).
8. Install "Install_RSRBR.exe":
A. Point installer directly to (path-to-game).
B. If installer throws error "AddFontResource failed" (regarding font C:\Windows\Fonts\WRCDIRTY.TTF), two choices:
i. Safe: click Abort to revert all changes & exit; then install WRCDIRTY.TTF. Download e.g. (or can use Universal Extractor to extract WRCDIRTY.TTF from installer's exe). Then install RSRBR (& get no error).
ii. Unsafe (untested): click Ignore to proceed. Could in theory install font separate, later (or ignore & gamble).
C. Install "Install_Pack_Tracks.exe" (~all RSRBR tracks) directly to (path-to-game).
D. Install "Install_Pack_ALL_Packs.exe" directly to (path-to-game).
i. Pack description: includes ~all RSRBR cars but "(doesn't include NGP cars) installs additional cars with older (less refined) physics." Quote source:
E. Optional (& can install later; bit safer done now): Install "Install_Pack_NGP.exe" directly to (path-to-game).
i. Pack description: includes ~all NGP cars (with refined physics).
F. Install all RSRBR patches & copy any installer text-messages, to deal with:
i. To copy messages, easiest to LMB window, then Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C. These messages prescribe corrections.
ii. When patcher finishes, paste message to GoogleTranslate. Do as-stated, downloading anything specified. Most likely, must navigate these Individual Packs
G. FYI (path-to-game)\RichardBurnsRally.ini has been overwritten.
H. Edit (path-to-game)\Plugins\FixUp.ini centerMenu=1.
9. Set basic options.
A. Start RSCenter Menu from Desktop. In top-right box, enter a name & pass (optional & deletable). Choose Alone (solo), then click SSE or RBRdll button to start "game with Options".
B. In-game, select MULLIGATAWNY profile (auto-created).
C. Go to in-game Options to set Pacenote language & Controls (controller & wheel-support described near NOTES-top).
10. Optional (& can do later): Install even more tracks & cars now. Primary examples:
A. Recommended (safe): RSRBR BTB Country Packs.
B. Not recommended (pointless & untested): single-cars.
11. Optional (& can do earlier): Spread game.

(RSRBR loading screen)

1. "Install the Official Patches 1.01 and 1.02" for RBR.
A. Get & use both. Files &
B. Download (option1):
OR C. Download (option2):
2. DblInstall (optional, for "mod-monster" double-install; file DblInstall.exe)
3. Z-fix plugin ("fixes crashing of cars made in ZModeler"; file
4. RBRTM Plugin (optional, required for RBRTM; file
5. NGP Plugin (get-latest; file RBR_PhysicsNG_v42.7z)
6. Camera-adjuster (pick one):
A. CamHack (described previously in this article).
OR B. PaceNote plugin (file
7. VDRM Installer (Utility for installing NGP-cars into RBR). Download (it's not a virus; use e.g. Internet Explorer or JD)
8. Non-BTB tracks (mostly optional):
A. Minimum required for RBRTM:
B. Tracks (hand-pick)
C. Optional: Night SS pack (supports only original-game tracks)
D. All TrackPacks (~15GB)
9. Optional (recommended): RX-RBR addon with BTB tracks.
A. RX addon (is included in RSRBR &) can be added here; allows BTB tracks. RX's tracks are accessed via Options, Plugins. Menu crops long-list.
B. Download:
10. NGP cars: Download one/some/all (sptp gives recommendations)

1. Sparser instructions given here (then for RSRBR).
A. Best-suited to experienced RBR gamer (recommend RSRBR first, for its hand-holding).
B. Main info (RBRTM tutorial by sptp):
2. Install game & updates. But if you are also using RSRBR, you need a second game-installation (careful; method described in sptp's tutorial).
3. Precaution: before any modding,
A. Make entire game writeable (i.e. prep files; described *******). If you have previously cleaned your rbz-files, can re-use them here (they are not location-specific).
B. Make a backup (copy) of (path-to-game). Also make a backup of your prepped-rbz-files (if you have not already).
4. Install dependencies following sptp's instruction, plus your additional mods (e.g. RX tracks, visual mods, HUD, CamHack).
5. "Manage (install, swap...) NGP cars with VDRMinstaller ('car' tab). Install at least one!"
6. To use RBRTM, "Create a username/password at . Recommended format: 'SURNAME Name'."

1. ***** RBRdll (don't bother):
A. Download:
B. Not worth bother, unless you like distant-views.
C. Pros, primary: RBRdll gives you three additional cameras/slots, which are replicated in each view-group (CamHack adds view-groups). Two of these three new cams can be adjusted with CamHack.
D. Pros, secondary: If CamHack fails & you fail fix, you will want RBRdll's extra views.
E. Cons, primary: You'd be forced to use the new views in your favored view-group. RBRdll's default new-views aren't ideal (shoved back far); could adjust them. But for easy streamlined CamHack view-group, perhaps more sensible to skip RBRdll. If CamHack's "replay" views are mapped, then still plenty of extra cams (including rear-passenger that shows the driver), & split nice to two buttons (your prioritised-views-button & funk-button).
F. Cons, secondary: RBRdll's additional graphic effects (glare/blur) did not work in testing. SweetFX awesome anyway.
2. ****** PaceNote (don't unless you must):
A. Download (for vanilla):
B. RSRBR comes with PaceNote mod, this file: (path-to-game)\Plugins\ To use PaceNote, just rename that file to PaceNote.dll. In-game, RMBx2 at view (to GUI).
C. For camera-support, PaceNote is far less ideal than CamHack. It allows huge/fine adjustments, per-car. Could be useful occasionally (to tweak base view), but most useful as a backup (use PaceNote if CamHack fails & you fail fix).
D. Cockpit camera tweak advice (theory; for those using PaceNote, not CamHack):
i. Gamer should respectfully shove camera, with an aesthetical & logical eye.
ii. "FOV": Recommend not touching, it's proper.
iii. "Pos z": First, shove-back camera by adjusting "z" of line "Pos" upward (until cockpit's wheel shows considerably more); recommend leaving cockpit slouched bit-granny.
iv. "Pos y": Once "z" is adjusted, you may notice that cockpit camera feels high (tall guy brushing ceiling). If view doesn't look natural-driving-slouch, then adjust "y" down, for better view overall & better angle-of-view (i.e. more sky, less blacked-out-roof, more lower-interior, less-noticable FOV-side-anomalies, more comfortable natural seat).
v. "Pos x": Rarely, if wheel is not-near-centered, shove "Pos x" some (with respect, not precision).
vi. "Target y": You may notice some cockpits have uglier FOV-anomalies than others (e.g. tree-angle on side-monitor), because camera is pointed bit-down (like a newb-shooter). Can adjust "y" of line "Target" upward to alieviate this (recommended only if glaring, & great respect).
vii. Make default cars consistent: screenshot all your adjusted-cockpits (at same Quick Race track, at start-line with trees). Then preview all (like a slideshow) to confirm that views seem about-consistent. Go back to adjust any that are off-kilter, using same variables stated).

View guide for general help with the instructions.