Defiance is a third person shooter MMO that is running a parallel story line with a TV show of the same name, the TV show and game take part in different parts of the world but are happening at the same time and according to the developers of both there will be some crossover / overlap between the two. The game itself has OK multi-monitor support, resolutions are handled correctly, all 3D is rendered horizontal plus however the UI is spanned across the board, which make the UI very clunky, fortunately the UI is useful but not required. It's a really shame because the game is made by Trion, who also made Rift, which had one of, if not the best UI customization system I've ever seen in a game.

The video itself is part analysis, part walkthough and part waffle, feel free to like or dislike my video and comment are always welcome too.

Direct Video Link: Defiance (Triple Monitors / Eyefinity / Surround) [~4K]
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