SimCity is a city building / city management game from Maxis, it has native multi-monitor support, it's horizontal plus and the HUD is correctly scaled. While the UI is spanned, in a game like this it is often preferable to have it that way as it allows you to view your city without the UI being in the way. However the game has always online DRM which is currently causing a lot of people problems, most notable of which is the login queues, and the worst of which is losing hours worth of gameplay because the game failed to sync. They are trying to fix these issues but as the game have moved all the cities onto there servers it's something you need to be aware of first.

The video itself is part analysis, part walkthough and part waffle, feel free to like or dislike my video and comment are always welcome too.

Direct Video Link: SimCity (Triple Monitors / Eyefinity / Surround) [~4K]
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While this video can be watched on any screen it has been encoded to look best on a multi-monitor system, so if your running such a system, then select original quality from the drop down box and watch in fullscreen.