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ThirdRevolt wrote:Bayonetta.7z is giving me an error and I can't download it. Tried multiple browsers.

He should remove that; it's outdated compared to the one with the HUD fix.

Also the site being used is absolutely atrocious with its popups/unders, so I'm mirroring the file on my google drive: ... 1YSmc/view (download button is at top right).

Not as easy to download as dropbox, but since it's sharing a modified copyrighted file, well, Dropbox has stricter policies if they find you doing something against their ToS.

Sorry if you somehow make money from the download, but I don't support any site that uses underhanded tactics to display ads, especially if there's a chance they can be malicious.
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If only there is something i could do for u

Works perfectly . Thank you

Lol i just noticed the hud isnt in centre for me atleast

my aspect ratio is 1.25:1
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Now, we only need support for 21:9
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uio77 wrote:Now, we only need support for 21:9

21:9 works perfectly fine with this fix... does for me in 2560*1080 at least...
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This worked a lot better than the HEX edit on the steam forums, but the game won't allow me to use downsampling anymore. 2560x1080 is the highest it allows me to go, where I used to have 5120x2160 (4K 21:9) before.
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Centred HUD for patch №1:
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Jackfuste, thank you for your continued support of this game.

This game in triple monitor is fantastic. Nearly perfect with your fix. The only imperfection is cutscenes that play inside the "filmstrip" are the wrong aspect ratio, squeezed horizontally to fit into the 16:9 "film pane". I have found no other flaw.

Do you have a donation link?

I hope you might consider supporting Vanquish when it comes out in a few days, presumably same engine. Can I gift you a copy?
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I wonder if we can get a similar fix for Vanquish
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thx jackfuste
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