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Subatomic Penetration
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Anyone know if this is possible to fix? The HUD and all of the menus are stretched in non 16:9 aspect ratios. I know you can fix the cutscenes by re-encoding them with built in letter boxing, but there doesn't seem to be anything out there for the UI.
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I'm interested in this one as well. Got my money's worth from this game last year, played through multiple endings. Awesome game. I would happily revisit it, and the DLC with these improvements.

I wonder if it's a can of worms though. The game has so many perspective changes, especially in late game content, that I worry about creating conflicts with any fix.

Also, any fix would have to be compatible with the FAR mod, which fixes many other broken elements of the PC port.

BTW, re-encoding the FMVs does not work at present for triple wide.

That being said, if someone takes this on, as usual, I'm happy to donate for a fix that includes triple wide support.
Subatomic Penetration
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Regarding the UI, I found this post on reddit from user Erewego on how he made his PS4 button prompt UI mod:

I used CriPakTools to unpack CPK files and DTT2DDS (old tool by Haoose, made for Metal Gear Rising) to get DDS textures and pack them back into DTT. It refused to repack .dtt if new .dds file size was less than the original though, padding file with zeroes at end fixed the issue. And editing DDS is rather straight forward - there's a GIMP plugin, but I imagine any converter will work as long as it preserves alpha channel and can export with BC3/DXT5 compression.

Here's the links that were in the post:

This let's us know that the UI is moddable, and how we can get those files. In theory, for 21:9 UI files, could one reduce the width of each UI image to 66%, so when the game stretches them they'll be at 100% size? This may result in the quality of the images being reduced, but should work, or am I mistaken? I'm currently trying this with the button prompts, and I'll let you guys know how it works once I'm done repacking them.

Note: to pad the files, I'm using to resize them to be larger than the original.

EDIT: So, I just managed to scale down all the buttons as a test, and repacked the DTT, but when I launched the game all the button prompts were just black squares. I can upload the .dds file with the modified button sizes if anyone else wants to give it a shot. Not sure if the issue was with the .dds I edited, or if the .dtt got messed up somehow when repacking :/

EDIT 2: I've uploaded the .dds's that I've modified, as well as the GIMP file I used to edit the buttons, in case anyone else wants to take a look at it.
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