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I recently purchased an MSI R7950 Twin Frozr.

Previously I had a 5870 connected to 3 projectors (projector has HDMI and VGA connections) and was able to get a resolution of 3840x800 (native resolution)

connections were:



DP-VGA (with adapter)

The new card has 2 mini DP, 1 DVI and 1 HDMI. I'm wondering what is the best way to set the new card before I go out and buy new cables/adapters?

I'm hoping I can do the following and get the same resolution in games:

mDP-VGA (with adapter)


mDP-VGA (with adapter)

I want to use the HDMI port to connect to my main monitor when not using Eyefinity.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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ahhhh, i guess you have integratet loudspeakers in your Monitor and using them via HDMI ?

in that case you don't have any other option, if this is the card you have.


Except you would use a HDMI splitter. then you could use 1x HDMI to Main Monitor and clone that to the Projector.
But because you're running 1280x800 Projector and i'll guess 1920x1080 Monitor you could not use them at once! Only when you lower the Resolution to 1280x800.

Mah... going with a DVI-> DP Adapter might be the better idea!
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