First off, I know there's already a topic or two about this game, but I'm asking for a specific answer that Google can't seem to answer. One method for getting widescreen support in this game is to use a hex edited EXE that matches to your current display, but another one involves the use of ThirteenAG's Onimusha 3 Widescreen Fix. However, when I went to use it, the letterboxing used for cinematics only covers the center of the screen and there appears to be some issues with the way shadows are drawn, just take a look at these random two black rectangles. The page also mentions "The "Effect" option could not be scaled properly, so it was disabled," and I'm curious as to what he's referring to. I'm sure something is screwy here, usually his fixes are near flawless and easy to use.

If it means anything, I am using the retail version of the game since it's no longer available from Steam. I'm hoping to look for a reasonable answer in due time.
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