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i guess as long as denuvo is in the game, we can't use the original exe anyway

You cant use the original exe cause denuvo will notice the exe mod anyway. Use the crack from a know release and the values should be there.
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Oh,Id rather not use a crack, i guess i can live with black bars on the top and bottom of the screen

Thanks anyway
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Hi,Thanks for the fix.Can someone tell me how to disable the reflections? I have this pink purple glossy textures bug:
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I have another possible fix for people to try: (requires Cheat Engine) ... 1VkMmUtbVE No EXE mod required
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Is it possible to make this work with the Codex crack?
I tried some of the edits mentioned earlier but i cant get it to start.
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Sweet. Used jack's fix and only used the .exe. I'm running native 2560x1080; and it worked perfect!

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