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Is hayden retired? No posts since February from his. No updates to software. Is he ok?
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Hi guys,

I've got an integrated Intel 530HD GPU and I've been able to play a few old games on my 3 monitor set-up by running either SoftTH or WideScreenFixer.

It seems than both of those programmes do not support many games, or at least the modern ones, whereas Flawless Widescreen has a pretty large list of games which are supported in a multi-monitor setup.

When I've tried a bunch of games via FlawlessWS, nothing happens in my computer :S. A few doubts:

1. Do you know why FlawlessWS doesn't work in my computer whereas WideScreenFixer os SoftTH do work? ie, is it possible for me to configure FlawlessWS to work in the same way as WideScreenFixer/SoftTH?

2. Is there a way to migrate the plugins from FlawlessWS to WideScreenFixer format, which is a packaged DLL file per game?

Many thanks!

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The FOV Calc & Source Engine HUD Editor, as well as being able to edit the HUD on source games, also contains a good FOV and Aspect Ratio calculator. It can be found in the Game Tools option under Games in the top menu.