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Can anyone upload Widescreen Fixer somewhere since website is down for good?
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It's not down for good. It's just migrating. I'll try to get the file up later.
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:savews: Resident evil 7 need a fix for a triple screen.
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Hi guys,

I've got mini PC with 3 video outputs and an integrated Intel HD 530 GPU and the only way I've been able to play some games in 3 monitors is with this software. Unfortunately, most of the games I like are not supported.

I was wondering, is there a way (and a guide, forum, etc) for me to create my own plugins dll to import into this programme? Would that required any/much development work, or is it more configuring tools and then configuring values until finding what looks good in the specific game I am trying?

And if it requires development effort, which language/tools would be required? As I've got a couple of developer friends and maybe they could help me with a few more titles?

Many thanks!

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The first place to look for information on a game is the Detailed Report. The DR will detail any fixes that are required to play a game in widescreen or multi-monitor, and show pictures of the gameplay with the fixes in place. It will also outline any problems that you may expect to find in the game, and list resolutions that the game has been successfully tested on. Find all our Detailed Reports in the Master Game List, or using the Search All Games option under Games in the top menu.