Dead Island FOV Fix & Graphics Tweaks


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loved it.

Thanks man video was awesome.

Posted by maherie on 12 September, 2011 - 06:48

Thanks to this video, I've got Dead Island up and running in stereo 6060x1080 in 3D! I was having all kinds of problems, including that everytime I would change the in game settings for fullscreen and vsync, the game would just CTD. By following your instructions and changing my video settings file one item at a time, I was able to get everything running perfectly! I look forward to seeing more tutorials from you for some of the other games out there - and it really is great that I was able to finally get this to run in 3D with triple screens because the game looks freakin fantastic, esspecially after pumpng up the rendering settings as you showed in the video! Thanks!

Just a side note - The size and position of the inventory, maps, questlogs, etc. screens is another story alltogether. There is a patch on this site to fix that problem but it didnt work for me. My game just crashed as soon as I got passed the intro and options screens. I saw that many others were having the same problem. Once again, it is due to your tutorial that I fixed that problem as well. What I did was, after downloading the patch, I looked at the files it would put in my users\deadisland\out\data folder. Using your methods, I located those same files in the steam\apps\common\deadisland\DI\Data folder. It was painstaking, but one by one I compared each file and if no differences were found (but for the resolution change at the begining of the file) I loaded them. My game worked each time until I got to Data\Menu\Scr\MenuUpgradeCharacter.XUI So, instead of using the modified downloaded file from the patch, I simply edited the resolution at the beggining of the original file ( from 1280x720 to 3840x720 ) saved it, and used that insead of the patch file. Now the game is flawless with readable menus as well! I want to get this out there because I know its a big problem and the game is really not playable if you cant access your inventory, upgrades, etc. So, Thanks again and I will post this fix for the menu patch fix along that thread as well.

Posted by JWCCIS80 on 5 January, 2012 - 15:47