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Monster Hunter Filler

Submitted by Skid on 24 March, 2014 - 21:51


I typically make videos having a look at how a game handle a triple-monitor setup and also giving a basic walkthough for the games systems and mechanics. However I can only really release those videos when I have a new game to play and that actually works on a triple-monitor setup, this sometimes leaves me without any videos for weeks on end.

So this year I wanted to make sure I had at least 1 video every week, so I needed some sort of filler content to fill in the quiet weeks, so basically I needed some sort of lets play series. However my style of commentary doesn't work well for a typically lets play, what I needed was a game that I could play, that would challenge me, and be complex enough so that I can explain the mechanics of the fight. Fortunately I have such a game, and it's one I like a lot, unfortunately it's a Wii U game but nvm, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was the game I picked.

So the filler videos below are my attempts to run G-Rank (G-Rank is basically the highest level of difficulty) online quests designed for 2-4 people, on my own, so hopefully you'll find them ether entertaining and / or informative :)

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