Kerbal Space Program is a sandbox rocket science simulators, basically just you build massive rockets and try and to make them fly, the game is currently still in early access however it is well on it's way. As a Unity engine game the multi-monitor support is good, my resolution was available from launch and the game runs horizontal plus. Only downside is the HUD is spanned, and while that's not to much of an issue in the vehicle hanger it is when flying.

The video itself is part analysis, part walkthough and part waffle, feel free to like or dislike my video and comment are always welcome too.

Direct Video Link: Kerbal Space Program (Triple Monitors / Eyefinity / Surround) [~4K]
Channel Link: /n11skid

While this video can be watched on any screen it has been encoded to look best on a multi-monitor system, so if your running such a system, then select 4K quality from the drop down box and watch in fullscreen.