Watch_Dogs is an open world action RPG, along the same sort of lines as GTA and Saints Row, you play Aidan Pearce a vigilantly hacker of sorts, fighting crime while trying to find out who ordered a hit on your family. The game has bad multi-monitor support out the box, while it will load the the correct resolution, the game is vertical minus, cutting off the top and bottom 1/3rd of the screens, the HUD is also stretched and is excessively large and in some places unusable. HaYDeN has released a fix for the FoV issue however at time of recording the HUD hasn't been fixed yet and is still a problem. You can get Flawless Widescreen from here:

The video itself is part analysis, part walkthough and part waffle, feel free to like or dislike my video and comment are always welcome too.

Direct Video Link: Watch_Dogs (Triple Monitors / Eyefinity / Surround) [~4K]
Channel Link: /n11skid

While this video can be watched on any screen it has been encoded to look best on a multi-monitor system, so if your running such a system, then select 4K quality from the drop down box and watch in fullscreen.

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