Monster Hunter Filler

Submitted by Skid on 24 March, 2014 - 21:51


I typically make videos having a look at how a game handle a triple-monitor setup and also giving a basic walkthough for the games systems and mechanics. However I can only really release those videos when I have a new game to play and that actually works on a triple-monitor setup, this sometimes leaves me without any videos for weeks on end.

So this year I wanted to make sure I had at least 1 video every week, so I needed some sort of filler content to fill in the quiet weeks, so basically I needed some sort of lets play series. However my style of commentary doesn't work well for a typically lets play, what I needed was a game that I could play, that would challenge me, and be complex enough so that I can explain the mechanics of the fight. Fortunately I have such a game, and it's one I like a lot, unfortunately it's a Wii U game but nvm, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was the game I picked.

So the filler videos below are my attempts to run G-Rank (G-Rank is basically the highest level of difficulty) online quests designed for 2-4 people, on my own, so hopefully you'll find them ether entertaining and / or informative :)

Illyriad Games

Today Illyriad Game studios are trying to break a Guinness World Record attempt for the most people in a single online battle with their new release 'Age Of Ascent'.

Age Of Ascent is based in the environment of space, you get to fly your spacecraft and get into combat, the game is a MMO, similar in effect to Eve Online.
Best of all, to join in the game is...

  • Free To Play!
  • No Registration Required!
  • No Downloads Required!
  • No Installation Required!

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